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Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief – New character posters for Zeus, Hera or is it Medusa, Hades and Persephone

Posted by LiveFor on January 22, 2010

Here are a few new international posters for the adaption of the first Percy Jackson book.

To be honest, these are not the best posters I have seen. Sean Bean as Zeus looks so old and the armour he is wearing reminds me of that shiny armour at the end of The Running Man the wrestler guy is wearing.

Hera is played by the lovely Erica Cerra from Eureka, but in the poster below you wouldn’t have a clue and the Cyclops style visor just looks odd….whoa whoa whoa Sweet Child of Mine! I think they’ve got the poster named wrong – it actually looks like Uma Thurman as Medusa and would tie in with the character in that her ‘hair’ is covered as are her eyes which, as we all know, turns you to stone. Bit of a mistake on the PR department for the film. Anyone else with me on this?Steve Coogan as Hades (above) is the only one who looks any good although Rosario Dawson as Persephone looks as gorgeous as always.

All of them have the usual lazy photoshop styling about them and it is a shame as some of the previous posters for the film have looked excellent. Mind you the Uma Thurman as Medusa poster was just dreadful.What do you think of the news posters? If you could do better send them to me.

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