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Cool Minimalist Posters – Star Wars travel poster

Posted by LiveFor on February 8, 2010

The last lot of movie minimalist posters I posted went down a treat, so here are a few more. This time they are done in the style of travel posters for the varios planets and moons in the Star Wars series (the original three not the prequels).Once again they are lovely looking and this time they’re done by an artist called Van Genderson (check out his official site)
Source: Collider

2 Responses to “Cool Minimalist Posters – Star Wars travel poster”

  1. Jabbbbaaa! said

    So…is the moon called Endor or is it a forest moon of the planet called Endor? The moon could in fact be called Simon!! the forest moon of endor! hmmm Simon.. thats got a good sound to it.. or even simoon HAhh! yeah thats much better… Simoon the forest moon of……..mmm hangon, thats far to many moons! ill stick with Simon! Simple!…

    …..ooh…Navy Seals!

  2. Andy said

    Your Weird LOL

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