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Ivan Drago sings Elvis – Dolph Lundgren proves he is the most awesomest person ever.

Posted by LiveFor on February 9, 2010

Dolph Lundgren – you may know him as Ivan Drago, The Punisher, Grace Jones ex-boyfriend, star of Stallone’s The Expendables, kick ass drummer in Command Performance and numerous other straight to DVD titles.

Well if that’s not enough for you check him out in the video below- He sings Elvis, karate chops blocks of ice, plays the drums and wears a tux. What else can the man do?

It all took place at the Melodifestivalen in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden last week. This is where they pick who will represent them at the Eurovision song contest. My thinking is they should forget about any of the official selection and just get the Dolph in there with his drums, karate chops all while shouting “I Will Break YOU!”

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