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Snowblind – Trailer for Grindhouse style post-apocalyptic spaghetti western fan filmed turned feature

Posted by LiveFor on February 13, 2010

This looks like a lot of fun. The setting is a parallel universe in which earth has been hit by a second ice age in the middle of the 20th century, which is a great excuse for having cowboys riding around on heavy motorbikes and toting machine pistols.

Notorious gunman Clayton Young is given a last minute pardon from death row, only to be sent on an assassination mission for the ruthless Governor Lafort. The target: Matthew Saberneck, a living legend of a mercenary. Saberneck didn’t only disobey the gruelling orders of his former employer – he also freed one of his female slaves and married her.

Now Clayton is supposed to make friends with that aging gunslinger, in order to intrude his fortified ranch and strike when the opportunity arises. But the Governor’s scheme didn’t take into account the code of honor of those gunfighters – even less, it accounted for the ravishing attractivity of Chun Jian, the newlywed Mrs. Saberneck. So in a flash, a love triangle is created – of the sort that concentrates on the exchange of bullets instead of niceties.

Check out the official site.

Source: Quiet Earth

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