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ATM – What the bloke who wrote Buried has done next

Posted by LiveFor on February 16, 2010

Buried is the Ryan Reynolds in a box film that went down well at the Sundance Film Festival (although some critics said it deliberately pushed all the right buttons to get the emotions out of the audience that they wanted…a bit of a silly thing to say as all films are geared to getting various emotions out of the audience). Now Chris Sparling, who wrote the script, has written another film called ATM and like Buried and Phone Booth and Frozen and the one with the people in the water surrounded by sharks and that one where there was someone stuck in one place and bad stuff happened involving some other bad things, oh and there was one with a man on a toilet and a dinosaur, but that could be Jurassic Park so that doesn’t count althought that did have dinosaurs. To cut a joke that wore thing after the first point very short he’s written another one location film and this time set at an ATM booth or cashpoint for those of us reading this in the UK. John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 still did it all the best.

His new film has three people fighting for survival at an ATM and /Film had this synopsis of the story.

Three co-workers driving home together from a employee Christmas party in the city decide to grab some late night pizza, for which they must stop at the ATM, to get some cash. Apparently, this is where the fun starts – about 15 or 20 minutes into the story. ATM exchanges the cramped 7 foot by 3 foot wooden coffin seen in Buried for a 15 square foot indoor ATM shack. The 24-hour ATM is located in a remote area of the barren supermarket parking lot, in a not-so-great neighborhood. The rest of the story is set primarily in the ATM vestibule, and never leaves the supermarket parking lot.

The three co-workers find themselves trapped in the ATM, unable to escape as a large menacing man in a heavy hooded parka stands between them and their car. It is the middle of the night, and all that surrounds them is cold and darkness. To make matters worse, they find themselves without their cellphones or any way to call for help (one phone was left behind at the bar, one phone ran out of battery power, and the other phone is in the purse locked inside the car).

If they just damaged the ATM doesn’t that set off an alarm meaning the police would come and investigate? Just wondering. They just need to get out there and punch the scary guy in the throat (LFF does not condone violence kids. This is just a thought on a movie script). Another thing – wasn’t there an episode of Friends where Chandler got stuck in one of these things? Sounds good though.

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