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Death Race: Frankenstein Lives – Sean Bean, Ving Rhames and Danny Trejo join Luke Goss

Posted by LiveFor on February 16, 2010

Well I thought this was going to be a low budget straight to DVD prequel to Paul W S Anderson’s 2008 film, but casting news from STYD makes me think that they are chucking a lot of money at this one as a few famous faces are joining Luke Goss (Hellboy 2) and Tanit Phoenix. Filming began over the weekend in South Africa on Death Race: Frankenstein Lives.

Goss plays Carl “Luke” Lucas, a man framed by the mob for the murder of a police officer. Sean Bean will co-star as Luke’s old mob boss; Ving Rhames is the man responsible for giving the greenlight to the Death Race (he’s apparently a “Rupert Murdoch” type); Danny Trejo is Luke’s pal in prison and Frederick Koehler will reprise his role as “Lists.”

Danny Trejo’s stock is on the rise with a starring role in Predators and Machete this new Death Race film is shaping up to be better than the first one.

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