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Cargo – Swiss Sci-Fi to show at SXSW

Posted by LiveFor on February 18, 2010

Cargo is a Swiss sci-fi thriller that looks rather nice. It is going to debut at this years SXSW festival

Since the biosphere collapsed on Earth most of humanity lives in space, inhabiting hopelessly overcrowded space stations. The only hope to escape from the chaos is RHER: A paradise-planet 5 light-years from Earth.

The story of CARGO takes place on rusty space-freighter KASSANDRA on its way to Station 42. The young medic LAURA is the only one awake on board while the rest of the crew lies frozen in hibernation sleep. Only in 4 months will Laura’s shift be over. During her daily patrols, through the eerily empty ship, LAURA begins to get the feeling that she is not alone on-board. A discovery mission in the dark and ice-cold cargo hold ends in catastrophe. The remainder of the crew is awakened. A cat and mouse game begins in which nothing is what it seems. What lies hidden in the strange freight containers and who, or what, is also on-board?

Source: Quiet Earth

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