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Paintball – DVD of panic in the woods hits 15th March

Posted by LiveFor on February 19, 2010

A weekend dodging paint pellets in the woods turns into a battle for survival for eight strangers in the action-packed and blood-soaked PAINTBALL, available on DVD from 15 March courtesy of Icon Home Entertainment.

Eight strangers are dropped in the middle of a remote eastern European forest and armed with powerful paint-guns. Split into two teams and charged with the task of defeating their opponents, each party sets out under the belief that the winner will be the last team standing without paint stains. But when one of the teams is ambushed and shot by unseen snipers, it quickly becomes apparent that someone is packing something a lot more dangerous than paint pellets and the game suddenly takes a terrifying turn for the worse.

Combining high octane thrills with the bloodthirsty ingenuity of the most gruesome torture porn, PAINTBALL is the movie that action and horror fans have both been waiting for. Featuring a host of imaginative and deliciously dark set pieces and blistering action sequences, PAINTBALL is one thrill ride that definitely isn’t a game!

Starring Brendan Mackey, Jennifer Matter, Patrick Regis, Neil Maskell, Iaione Perez.

Paintball (DVD) at

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