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Captain America: The Avenger – Excellent fan made trailer

Posted by LiveFor on February 26, 2010

While we wait for news on who will play Captain America in the official film, check out this cool fan made trailer.

Frozen in ice for almost 70 years, Cpt. Steve Rogers struggles to remember his troubled past…
Captain America – Raleigh Latham
Red Skull – Evan Schmidt
Bucky – Tru Dans
Commissioner Gordon – Eric Mcelyea
Constable Pennyfarthing – Andy Kneiss
Torso – Andy Kneis
Nick Fury – Pujo Latham
Colonel Enzo Giovanni – Tim Marks
Sgt. Ashawn Brown – John Gallagher
Nazi and US Soldiers – Jon Sutton, Alex Maclean, Andy Kneiss, Eric Mcelyea, Evan Schmidt, Tim Marks, Tom Akita, Nikita Taranduke

DJ Spooky – Theme of the Drunken Sailor
Sole & the Skyrider Band – Black

Directed by Pujo and Raleigh Latham

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