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Just Go With It – Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are joined by Brooklyn Decker and Nicole Kidman

Posted by LiveFor on February 26, 2010

I generally enjoy Adam Sandler’s films. They’re never totally brilliant, but I often chuckle at them – especially Happy Gilmore and The Wedding Singer. However, they seem to be going more and more the romantic comedy route. His latest features Sandler with Jennifer Aniston – her work in film seems to be going the same way – Forgettable romantic comedies with big name leading men who she seems to be photographed with an awful lot.

Just Go With It has Sandler recruiting Aniston to pose as his soon to be divorced wife, and her kids as his fake family. Sports Illustrated model, Brooklyn Decker (above), plays the girl Sandler falls for. No doubt in the course of the film there will be scenes of Sandler being hit in the balls by the kids, touching scenes of romance as he slowly realises that he loves Aniston’s character. Oh, there will also be a comedy pet or wild animal.

Variety have the news that Nicole Kidman is joining the cast in a small but vital comedic supporting role along the lines of Tom Cruise’s turn in Tropic Thunder.

The screenplay was written by Allan Loeb, Tim Dowling, Tim Herlihy and Adam Sandler. Dennis Dugan will direct. Production begins next month in Los Angeles with the film planned for Valentine’s Day weekend next year.

Happy Madison Partner Jack Giarraputo says, “The writers did a great job developing a scenario that is not only a romantic comedy, but a family comedy as well, and everyone gets a chance to score.”

Source: IESB

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