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Zack Galifianakis to exorcise demons in Miracle Workers

Posted by LiveFor on February 26, 2010

The big bearded funny man Zach Galifianakis became more well known thanks to the hugely succesful The Hangover. However, he is a successful stand up and has been in quite a few films. One such film was the David Twohy 2002 film Below which was all about a haunted submarine. I’ve not seen it so I could be making that up.

Michael Aguiler has now said Zach may be going back to the supernatural side of things in a film called Miracle Workers. The story is a buddy supernatural comedy in which the actor is put on a path that has him posing as an exorcist with a pal. The two think they’ve got a good thing going until they’re faced with a real menace.

A mix of The Frighteners (love that film), Constantine, Ghostbusters and the TV show Psych by the sounds of it. Should be good though.

Early days so no director attached as yet.

Source: STYD

The Thing poster by Travis Pitt.

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