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Amber Heard talks The Rum Diary and John Carpenter’s The Ward

Posted by LiveFor on March 3, 2010

Amber Heard is the lovely young lady who is on the up and up. She was in Zombieland and has a few films coming up. One of which is The Rum Diary, an adaption of Hunter S Thompson’s book starring Johnny Depp.

“Those considerable physical charms get the period-piece treatment in The Rum Diary, an adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s novel. Heard literally had to be sewn into her costumes to play a woman torn between Depp and Aaron Eckhart in late 1950s Puerto Rico. “Johnny actually found the manuscript at Hunter’s house and encouraged him to publish it,” says Heard, a lifelong bookworm who was such a fan of Thompson’s writing, she wrote a letter to the film’s producers explaining why she would be perfect for the project. “Johnny cared so much, and he’s just a really down-to-earth, nice person.” Heard recalls the day Depp rescued a stray dog from the neighbourhood where they were shooting. “Well, the dog ended up being pregnant—I think it had six puppies—and then another dog we assumed to be the father showed up,” she recalls, laughing. “So now, instead of adopting one dog, he had eight, but he took care of them. He asked other people to carry one back on the plane because he had so many.”

Heard would have happily obliged but she had to jet off to the Washington set of The Ward, a mental-institution thriller directed by the man behind the original Halloween movie, John Carpenter. Though many young actors do horror films as a stepping stone to more serious films, Heard adores the genre. “With a drama, actors get very serious, like they’re always in character, and there’s something funny and pretentious about that,” says Heard, whose forays into slasher-ville include Zombieland and the upcoming And Soon the Darkness, which she also co-produced. “You can’t take yourself seriously when you’re sitting at lunch next to the person that just tried to stab you. I also like horror films because girls actually get to kick ass, instead of just being the hot girl that supports the male character.”

Thams to Pam for pointing out the article on Fashion Magazine

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