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Conan – Rachel Nichols to wear a metal bikini!

Posted by LiveFor on March 5, 2010

Some more casting news for the Marcus Nispel Conan the Barbarian film (Stephen Lang is rumoured to be the big bad, Khalar Singh) and this time it is for the leading lady.

G.I. Joe’s Scarlett and Star Trek’s Green Orion lady, Rachel Nichols, is up for the role of Tamara. The casting notes for the character say:

TAMARA: She is 18 to 24 years old, Caucasian or Middle Eastern, open to all ethnicities; beautiful, studious, correct, a novitiate of a Greek influenced monastery. A master of martial arts, she has been trained to be the Queen’s servant, bodyguard and best friend. She and many other female bodyguards to the queen have been in hiding most of their lives because of the curse of Acheron, which would take the queen’s life to bring almost immortal power to its king. When Khalar Singh, a powerful warlord with ambitions to become the king of Acheron, storms the monastery and captures all of the novitiates, she is separated from Ilira, the one she must protect. With all of her strength and will, Tamara is determined to find and rescue her. She finds herself in league with Conan because of a mutual need to find Khalar Singh. She is not in the least intimidated by Conan’s size or grim demeanor and their alliance eventually blossoms into something that surprises them both…

Jason Momoa from Stargate Atlantis is down to play Conan and it sounds as if Tamara is lined up to be his equal in the fighting stakes.

Any Conan news is good news in my book and I’m glad that things are continuously moving forward with this one. I also like the fact they are not going for big names…that’s probably not the right way of putting it as Lang is huge now since Avatar. I mean better that they are not A-List faces so makes it easier to buy into them as the character rather than going “Oh that’s so and so, they were great in whatchamacallit.”

Are you excited about the Conan film? Is Nichols the right choice for the leading lady? What Conan tales do you want to see in the film?

Source: Latino Review

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