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Rumour: Is Olivia Munn the Scarlet Witch in Iron Man 2?

Posted by LiveFor on March 6, 2010

Scarlet Witch by Adam Hughes

Not so long ago I mentioned that Olivia Munn – an American model, presenter and actress – was in Iron Man 2. She was listed as playing Iron Maiden (Melina Vostakoff) who is an enemy of Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson).

Like then I’m still not too sure of her acting abilities and her geek cred. I know she’s dressed up as a Na’Vi and Slave Leia. Presumably her role in Iron Man 2 will be a little bit more of a cameo, but that would be it.

However, it is possible that she may be getting lined up to have a bigger part of the Marvel universe on the big screen.

Fanboy Web
have the news that she could in fact be playing the Scarlet Witch.

First a quick rundown on the Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff – she is a mutant with probability altering powers, is the daughter of Magneto, sister of Quicksilver, married the Vision who was a robot, had kids, went mental, destroyed the Avengers, altered the planet so that Mutants were the dominant species, when the heroes beat her she wished there were no more mutants and only a hundred or so were left. Oh and in the Ultimate universe she got a little bit close to her brother on an icky level. Wiki have a more detailed synopsis but I think I covered many of the major beats in her life.

As for this rumour I have to say I do think it is just that. I’ve not idea how reliable Fanboy Web is or whether Marvel Studios have any plans to bring the Scarlet Witch into the films. Then again, you just never know with the studios. Samuel L Jackson was rumoured to be Nick Fury in the first Iron Man and the studio kept saying that wasn’t the case then lo and behold Sam was Nick Fury.

Do you think the rumour could be true? If so would Munn be a good choice to play her? Is she a good actress?

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