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Jimmy Tupper vs The Goatman of Bowie

Posted by LiveFor on March 8, 2010

A cool sounding film by writer/director Andrew Bowser this is showing at the 2010 SXSW Film Festival. According to Dread Central it is the beginning of a The Goatman trilogy. It stars Pedro Gonzalez, Chris Jones, Michael Eller, Tim Kuczka, Micah Terrill, Rose Rodkey, and Brittany Latorre.

I love the title, the poster is a lovely piece of art and the trailer is below.

“Part modern horror documentary and part old school monster movie, JIMMY TUPPER VS. THE GOATMAN OF BOWIE is an innovative and quirky film that challenges the notion of found footage and what it means to be scared in the woods. Jimmy Tupper (Andrew Bowser) is a no one; he’s nothing. He spends his days working at a Starbucks in suburban Maryland and his nights drinking and playing Rock Band. His friends see him as the resident stoner and waste of space. One night they decide to pull a prank on poor Jimmy, and while he is passed-out drunk, they leave him in the middle of the woods of Bowie, Maryland.

The next day Jimmy is nowhere to be found. When he finally emerges from the woods, he is beaten and bloodied and making outlandish claims. He says he’s seen a monster, the famed “Goatman” of Bowie. His friends believe this to be the drunken ramblings of an overexcited nitwit, but Jimmy knows better. He heads to the woods determined to capture footage of the elusive creature and prove what he knows to be real.

Was Jimmy only dreaming? Did he really see a monster? Only time, and Jimmy’s video camera, will tell.”

Check out the official site.

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