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Tron Legacy – Trailer and screenshots

Posted by LiveFor on March 9, 2010

Finally, the trailer is out for one of my most anticipated movies this year. A great trailer, full of mystery and cool imagery. Jeff Bridges as the younger, evil Clu (above). Olivia Wilde as the woman of the piece. Michael Sheen is the nightclub owner clad in white and we see Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley – his counterpart, Tron is meant to be in the film so I am assuming he will have been youngified for the role as Bridges was.

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Now you have seen it what do you think of the trailer? Have you seen it in 3D yet? Can you wait until December to see the film?

4 Responses to “Tron Legacy – Trailer and screenshots”

  1. Phil said

    You name a film and I ould probably name another movie like it, except for Tron. There isn’t another movie like Tron – not in terms of the way it looks. If anyone knows of one let me know so I can see it!

    The movie is 9 months away and I’m already looking forward to the DVD. Can’t wait to see the behind the scenes on this one, especially finding out how they youngified the cast. It’d be interesting to see if they used clips from their earlier movies or created full on cgi clones.

    • liveforfilms said

      The brief image of a young Jeff Bridges in the new film seems excellent. Can’t wait to see more footage

      • pam fruendt said

        when i saw alice in imax 3d i also saw the trailer for the tron film in 3d. it was wild…

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