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Dan Dare – Sam Worthington to be Pilot of the Future?

Posted by LiveFor on March 12, 2010

Hold up. Before we get any further Sam Worthington was apparently born in the UK (Godalming, Surrey according to imdb) so any arguments about an Australian playing British space hero and all round top chap, Dan Dare, are now moot. Did I just use the word moot?

Pajiba have the news that Sam “I’m in lots of Franchises already” Worthington wants his own Franchise and The Eagle comic’s favourite son is the one that he supposedly wants.

Dan Dare was created by Frank Hampson back in the Fifties – chief pilot of the Interplanetary Space Fleet. He fought the evil Mekon and the Treens with his faithful friend Digby and Professor Peabody. I’ve got a couple of graphic novels that collect the Dan Dare tales from the Eagle and they are lovely to look at.

Virgin comics got hold of him a while back, after appearances in 2000AD and Revolver) and Garth Ennis (Preacher, Punisher) wrote a cool comic updating him but still keeping him Dan Dare. Gary Erskine was on art duties.

As for Worthington being right to play Dan, I just don’t see it myself. Not sure if he has too much of a tough guy look for the role. I hope they keep the character terribly British with the 50s style updated for the film.

How do you feel about Sam playing Dan? Is he the right choice or just wrong? Who would be better (Colin Firth springs to mind for some reason)? Who should play or probably voice the Mekon?

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