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UPDATED: Movie Poster Design Challenge – Robocop

Posted by LiveFor on March 12, 2010

UPDATE: A few people have said that a week is not long enough so how about for the first one I make it until the 31st March?

I was going to say that this is based on the idea Warren Ellis has started over on his blog where he gives design challenges in the REMAKE/REMODEL thing. I’ve just taken the whole idea as I think it is so good. Hope that’s okay Mr Ellis.

Hopefully I’ll get at least one response. Fingers crossed there will be more and it can become a weekly thing

Here is the first one:

You are a film poster designer and have been asked to put together a poster for a new film called Robocop.

The only info you have about it:

-A policeman is gunned down by criminals

-A corporation take his body and improve it through the technology of the time to fight crime

-He has no memory of his past

-He has a gun in his leg

-There is an alternate technologically advanced policeman called ED-209

It could be set in any era and is yet to be cast – you can choose the actors and director.

You have until 31st March.

From badly drawn mayhem to super slick graphic design, all entries are welcome.

Post your posters over on the Forum – the best ones will get shown on the Live for Films website (all submissions are the property of the artist who did them, but having a go means you’re saying it is okay for me to post your poster on the LFF site – cheers).

Join the Forum here.

Spread the word and happy drawing.

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