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Captain America – Channing Tatum may be a lock and female lead may soon be cast

Posted by LiveFor on March 16, 2010

After the news that Ryan Phillippe was auditioning for Captain America another name surfaces and it was one that was mentioned way back when the film was first mentioned. Yep, Channing Tatum (G.I. Joe, Fighting, Dear John) has supposedly been approached by Marvel to play Steve Rogers.

Deadline have the news and they say “I would be surprised if he went in to test for the role., now that he’s become a bankable commodity. It’ll come down to Marvel making an offer, and Tatum either accepting it or rejecting it.”

I have to disagree with their comment as I am sure he would still have to audition for the role along with Phillippe, Chris Evans and the rest. His last two films (Dear John and G.I. Joe) may have made money, but many will agree that he still has yet to truly show his acting chops. As well as being buff Captain America has to ooze charisma. He is also a master strategist and Tatum just doesn’t sit well with me.

The trouble is, with The Wolfman being a flop I am just not sure how much that will have effected director Joe Johnston’s rights to make decisions.

Deadline also have the news that Keira Knightly and Emily Blunt are in the running to play the female lead of Peggy – Blunt missed out on playing the Black Widow in Iron Man 2 due to commitments on Gulliver’s Travels.

Could Captain America be the film were Marvel Studios loses its current run of coolness? Is Tatum the one to play Cap or is it just wrong wrong wrong?

Come on already, make a decision please Marvel Studios.

2 Responses to “Captain America – Channing Tatum may be a lock and female lead may soon be cast”

  1. Phil said

    I don’t think Wolfman will go against him too much, I mean that movie had such a terrible journey through production. He only had a month from the time he signed until the first day of shooting and the script was re-written in that time.

    Cap is the leader of the Avengers, sure Fury is his boss, but in the fight it’s Cap who calls the shots. On the other hand he’s a complete fish out of water. He may be physically capable and have what it takes but he’s been out of the game for 60 years and a lot has happened whilst he was frozen.

    That’s pretty much the role Duke had in GI Joe, he’s a capable soldier but suddenly he’s dropped into GI Joe and it’s a whole new world.

    I think he’d do a good job, and it means it’ll take less convincing for my girlfriend to go see it with me.

  2. anna louise guerriero said

    I think that he will do great …. he’s been great in all the other films he’s done

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