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Mister Green – Short film by comic writer Greg Pak

Posted by LiveFor on March 16, 2010

Greg Pak is the current writer on The Incredible Hulk (he gave us Planet Hulk). This short film, although being called Mister Green, has nothing to do with the Hulk.

Turns out Pak has a background in film and he has been chatting to CBR about this short film.

Mister Green” is a tale of a disconnected man in a dystopian near-future world. “The premise of this film, and I don’t think this gives too much away because you’ll find it out in the first ten seconds of the film, is that catastrophic climate change has happened. We blew it. We didn’t stop it. Venice has flooded. New York City’s Canal Street has become a canal again. It’s 87 degrees in December and our main character is the Undersecretary for the Department of Global Warming,” Pak explained. “He blew it and as far as he’s concerned everybody blew it because folks didn’t get out there and push the government hard enough. Nobody pushed hard enough, so he’s this jaded and almost self-hating guy as the story begins. The character’s name is Mason Park and he’s played by Tim Kang, aka Agent Cho on ‘The Mentalist.’

“Fairly quickly, Mason meets an old colleague of his who’s now a scientist whose grants have just been cut by Mason’s agency because it’s just too late,” Pak continued. “They kind of flirt a little bit, because they have some vibe going from the past, but fairly quickly this mysterious scientist enmeshes our hero in a crazy plot to save the world in a totally unexpected way. If I say any more it’ll ruin the story.”

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