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Nosso Lar (Our Home) – Trailer for film set on the Astral Plane

Posted by LiveFor on March 26, 2010

When the successful physician Andre, father of three, finally dies of cancer, instead of rising up to what he believed would be ‘heaven’, he wakes up in a devastated valley.

Living like a castaway, struggling to avoid the vampire spirits who attack at night, Andre does not understand why he has had such a fate and is labeled a suicide, such as the others among them.

One day, a shaft of light comes down from the sky above to rescue some spirits from the deeper areas of the Valley. Andre is rescued and taken to the spiritual city named Nosso Lar.

This is where Andre finds new friends and allies. Also, where he meets his enemy – himself, his previous acts. In order to prove he still values life, Andre struggles to gain merits by hard work.

One day he finally receives permission to visit his wife and kids. Ten years have passed, his wife has remarried, his children have grown up.

At this moment Andre will need to work on everything he has learned back in Our Home. In one sense, accepting death, stepping into another level of existence, learning forever that life never ceases. Learning to love and be loved.

Directed by Wagner de Assis and based on the novel of Francisco C. Xavier, Nosso Lar looks trippy and mighty cool.

The Astral City is the name of the spirit colony that Andre Luiz describes in this first book of his collection. In this vibrant narrative, the author offers us his observations and discoveries regarding life in the spirit world, acting as a sort of reporter who records his own experiences. It reveals a pulsating world full of life and activity organized in exemplary fashion, and where discarnate spirits go through steps of recovery and spiritual education supervised by high order spirits. Nosso Lar enables us to see beforehand the spirit world that awaits us when we abandon the corporeal body through physical death.

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Source: Quiet Earth
‘Nosso Lar’ – A Spiritual Home –
‘Nosso Lar’ – A Spiritual Home –

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7 Responses to “Nosso Lar (Our Home) – Trailer for film set on the Astral Plane”

  1. Jean Claude said

    Cute! I`ve read this book. It makes sense… seems to be a nice Brazilian movie.

  2. Max said

    Fantastic!!!!I want to see this movie….

  3. pat said

    everyone seems to love this….too much cheese for me. well made but yea i guess the source material must be overly dramatic

  4. Catia said

    Its fantastic and the book is worth reading! I personaly know all about the man who wrote the book. He was the simplest person I`ve ever seen! What made people believe he really spoke to spirits was real facts on letters the spirits wrote to their families and his attitudes towards every fortune he could get from it and he simply donated all that for charity. Farms, cars, houses,and even money from books sold are all included… he kept nothing! If I didnt believe in God, after meeting him I would start to. I believe he is in a wonderful place in our home up above.

  5. Istadan said

    This movie is not far from the truth!

  6. Camila Nazario Cannon said

    A very well-done movie that show us a little beat of what a lot of people don’t know yet , don’t believe or don’t have information enough.We are talking about what happen after death. Rich in details, “Nosso Lar” show us that the spiritual life is much, much more than just “ghosts” hunting houses or lost in cemeteries; it’s beyond the idea that after death, the spirit stay scaring people or causing poltergeist phenomenon and other superficial thoughts like those.
    Yes, in the life after death, when the person reaches the Spiritual Plan, we find houses, Nature, people working hard and receiving benefits for their works and for the result of their jobs. We find relatives living together, we find technology, government, administration. We find schools, communities, people teaching and people learning…Teachers and students. All descriptions based in a truthful psychography sent directly from Andre Luiz to Chico Xavier, the most worldwide famous and known medium of all time

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