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Thor – Chris Hemsworth talks Thor’s costume

Posted by LiveFor on March 26, 2010

Production on the Kenneth Branagh adaption of Thor has been going on for a while now. All we have seen of it is a big chunk of ice. Still no word on what the Asgardians will look like.

Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, recently spoke to MTV about the costumes.

“It’s a pretty impressive costume, and I think anyone who put it on would look pretty cool,”

Hemsworth went on to say he has now got “semi-blond eyebrows and beard” for the film, and that they’re currently 3/4 through filming at the moment.

“I have nice long, blond wig which they throw on every day,” he said.

Hemsworth also talked a bit about wielding Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir and how exactly you pronounce it.

“There’s many different versions of pronouncing that thing,”
he laughed. “The rehearsal process was mainly about how do we pronounce that word.”

Costume designer Deborah Ambrosino, who is working on Thor, described the look as “strangely enough, very theatrical. There is a lot of fantasy in the different worlds that Thor lives in. The characters that populate that world are fantastical but not superheroes, which is great… there is a heightened realism.” For this project, Ambrosino is employing her metalsmithing knowledge to create armor and jewelry, in addition to some millinery and leatherwork.

Now has anyone got any photos of Chris Hemsworth in costume?

Image from Seth Kushner News.

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One Response to “Thor – Chris Hemsworth talks Thor’s costume”

  1. aaron said

    in wikipedia .. there is a photo .. on the thor film wiki… and it says ¨Chris Hemsworth as Thor as depicted in the upcoming film¨ i dont know if thats him or the coustom.. but it looks like it

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