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Bond 23 – Rachel Weisz could be head of Quantum

Posted by LiveFor on March 29, 2010

Mark this one as a rumour, but CinemaBlend are saying it is from a very reliable source. Rachel Weisz (The Fountain, The Mummy) may be the head of the organisation known as Quantum that has been causing Daniel Craig’s James Bond a bit of bother in the two previous films.

We’ve heard that Rachel Weisz could be involved in Bond 23. In the past she’s joked about becoming a Bond girl, and though she’s certainly beautiful, casting an actress of her caliber as yet another Bond nookie babe seems like kind of a waste. But Weisz is actually friends with Daniel Craig (in fact they’re working together on the upcoming movie Dream House) and in the past she had a personal relationship with would-be Bond 23 director Sam Mendes. All Bond girl kidding aside, she has before expressed real interest in doing a Bond movie with Craig. So why not give her something substantive in the movie, something that won’t reduce her to being 007’s latest conquest? Why not let her play the villain?

Would be nice to have Weisz as the big bad and a bit different, but this could all turn out to be like tears in the rain. How would you feel about it if it turns out to be true? What should they call the next Bond movie?

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