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Godzilla to rise from the depths once more

Posted by LiveFor on March 29, 2010

Godzilla, is getting another chance on the big screen as Legendary Pictures have got the rights to develop and produce a new film based on the terrible lizard. Warner Bros. will co-produce, co-finance and distribute through its deal with Legendary, and Toho will release the film in Japan.

Heat Vision had the news.

The last major Godzilla outing, an American, New York-set version from Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, grossed $376 million worldwide in 1998 although it got blasted as being a bit rubbish. Toho quickly produced “Godzilla 2000,” in which the big beast took on an evil UFO, the following year.

As Godzilla has been around since the Fifties I am sure he’ll be around for a long long time. I just hope they go back to the classic design and don’t make him too different.

The new film is shooting for a 2012 release.

How do you feel about the news? How can they make Godzilla cool again?

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