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UPDATED: The Walking Dead – Will Rick Grimes be Sick Boy? 6 episodes ordered

Posted by LiveFor on March 29, 2010

The other day news was out that Jon Bernthal (Night at the Museum 2, The Ghost) was to play Shane in Frank Darabont’s small screen adaptation of the Robert Kirkman zombie comic, The Walking Dead.

Now Bloody Disgusting have news on a possible actor to play the main character Rick Grimes. That man is Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting, Hackers, Dracula 2000, Eli Stone). Let me get this clear. He hasn’t been cast yet, but is the current favourite. Not sure about the choice, but I think it could work.

The Walking Dead is going to be on AMC who also show Mad Men and Breaking Bad so that should be a good indication that this is going to be a quality show.

Do you think Miller is the right fit for Grimes?

UPDATE: This from THR

“The Walking Dead” will become AMC’s fourth original series with a six-episode order.

“Dead,” based on Robert Kirkman’s popular graphic novels, has been on the fact track ever since AMC acquired the rights to the books in August after a bidding war.

The project, written and directed by Frank Darabont, was ordered to pilot in January, followed by the early series pickup with the pilot still in the casting stages.

“Dead” will begin production in June in Atlanta. The series is set to premiere in October 2010 during AMC’s Fearfest, the network’s annual marathon of thriller and horror films.

Kirkman serves as an executive producer alongside Darabont, Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert.

Joining the show as exec producer is Charles “Chic” Eglee (“Dexter”).

“AMC strives to make original shows that play like movies and ‘The Walking Dead’ is a perfect complement to the network’s celebrated movie franchise, Fearfest, which has always been an important destination for our audience,” said AMC president Charlie Collier. “With its depth of story and the remarkable talent attached, The Walking Dead gives us an opportunity to raise the bar significantly within this popular genre, and continue our commitment to being the home of premium programming on basic cable.”

One Response to “UPDATED: The Walking Dead – Will Rick Grimes be Sick Boy? 6 episodes ordered”

  1. Zombies are becoming reality via H1N1 shots. Be prepared. These ARE the end days.

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