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Doctor Who – First look at the new TARDIS interior

Posted by LiveFor on March 30, 2010

As you know Matt Smith is the new face of Doctor Who. The TARDIS is also getting a face lift (after Tennant almost destroyed it when he regenerated) and here is our first clear look at the new interior. It is good and bad. I like the staircases and the sense of scale they give something that has been missing in the past few series – where does that one on the left take us in the photo at the bottom?

It all looks a bit disco though, but that could just be the lighting. What are your thoughts on it all?

Source: io9

One Response to “Doctor Who – First look at the new TARDIS interior”

  1. missdisplaced said

    Love it! It was about time we got to see a little bit more of it. I think the lighting in these pics is brighter than it will appear on the show.
    I like that they have stairwells leading too…. other places. For the last several years we didn’t even have a door!
    I know they didn’t have the budget to always be showing other rooms, but a least this gives them the ability to make it appear that the characters come and go into and out of other spaces on the ship and the writers can work it into the scripts. I’ve read a few of the novels and they do that all the time.

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