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Kick-Ass spotted in Berlin?

Posted by LiveFor on April 1, 2010

One Response to “Kick-Ass spotted in Berlin?”

  1. pat said

    finally saw this yesterday. great movie, very entertaining. the only thing i d have to say is that i thought the locations/sets were sometimes a bit poor/mundane. there are a lot of repeated locations which just end up visually boring you. also right at the very end there are some elements brought into the storyline which kind of completely destroy the up to then ‘almost realistic’ world which the story is set in. a shame really because there was some nice subtext about how it would be useless to be /act like a superhero and how best to deal with crime/violence.
    anyway perfect comic to screen translation. hitgirl is the star of the movie, no doubt. nic cage does a brilliant job as big daddy. aaron johsnon embodies dave to the bone, only one scene i thought was odd, the one in which he whacks off to his teacher. johnson just got married to a 40 year old woman with whom he has had a baby as well..strange stuff 😀

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