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LFF Dark City Poster Redesign Challenge

Posted by LiveFor on April 1, 2010

The first Poster Design Challenge for Robocop went well (thanks to everyone who entered) so I thought I would do another one.

Here is the brief for the new one:

You are a film poster designer and have been asked to put together a poster for a new film called Dark City.

The only info you have about it is:

– There is a City that no one can leave

– Everyone falls asleep at the same time

– One man find himself awake

– Strange beings / creatures wander the City wander around when everyone is asleep

It could be set in any place, any genre, any time and is yet to be cast – you can choose the actors and director

You have until 18th April.

From badly drawn mayhem to super slick graphic design, all entries are welcome.

Post your posters over on the Forum – the best ones will get shown on the Live for Films website (all submissions are the property of the artist who did them, but having a go means you’re saying it is okay for me to post your poster on the LFF site – cheers).

Join the Forum here.

Spread the word and happy drawing.

Go and create.

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