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How many people did Arnold Schwarzenegger kill in Commando?

Posted by LiveFor on April 5, 2010

Well wonder no more.

6 Responses to “How many people did Arnold Schwarzenegger kill in Commando?”

  1. Andy said

    Way Wrong!! .. what about the dude on the plane? “hes dead tired” and the short ass off the cliff! “I lied” and im sure he blows some sh1t up on a freeway after visiting a gun shop! anyway… the count is well off! oh and bennet at the end! “let off some steam bennet” and the the bald black dude he fights in MOTEL “i eat green berets for breakfast” and busts through the wall, where you see the bird with the big knockers! mmmmmmm knockers!

    Come on LFF LOL i expect better! :p

    • liveforfilms said

      Ah, you passed the test.

      I knew there were a few missing. I forgot about the guy on the plane. Was thinking that was another Arnie one, but I was wrong, dead wrong.

  2. Andy .again! said

    …actually now i think of it, doesnt he kill a few people at his home in the beginning? “You think I could smell them coming” – “I did!!” Just before he free wheels his car down the mountain! he may actually kill another dude at the bottom.. i dont really remember its been many many years!

  3. Phil said

    That’s what I was thinking, that first assault on his house. And does he kill anyone in that warehouse/dock where he goes to find out where his daughter is being held. The air hostess says something about the plane and the fuel range and they work it out like that?

    I read the script for Commando 2 written by Frank Darabont a little while ago. It’s amazing and so should’ve been made into a movie but apparantly after the failure of the 2nd Conan Arnie didn’t want to do another sequel. Although on the flipside we did then get Predator and The Running Man.

  4. Daan said

    IMDB says: 81 kills

  5. Andy said

    I may have to purchase Commando and do a count! I can get the blu ray for £7 so i can check out the kills in hi def… or should i say hi death! hmm i thankyou!

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