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UPDATED: The Gift – Short film by Carl Erik Rinsch

Posted by LiveFor on April 8, 2010

Part of the Parallel Lines project from Philips Cinema and Ridley Scott Associates.

Five short films. Five genres. Five of RSA’s hottest directors. One unifying piece of dialogue.

Rinsch is the protoge of Ridley Scott and this is a lovely piece of sci-fi.

The other four films can be found here.

UPDATE: On Wednesday, the day the short came out, a bidding war broke out between several studios — longtime rivals Warner Bros. and Fox are in the mix, according to sources — who see feature potential in the short. Some speculate the project will end up at Fox, because Rinsch is part of the stable of RSA, Ridley Scott’s commercial house that produced the short, and Scott’s longtime association with Fox. – Heat Vision

One Response to “UPDATED: The Gift – Short film by Carl Erik Rinsch”

  1. anotherzen said

    very nice, would be nice to see that in full resolution on a 50″ or something 😀

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