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Pig – Cool poster for horror filmed in one 70 minute take

Posted by LiveFor on April 9, 2010

I love the old school feel of the poster. Reminds me of one for The Burning.

Twitch had the poster and info on the film by Adam Mason along with a great review.

Together with frequent collaborator Andrew Howard, Mason has completed an entirely different film during the waiting period for Luster. Shot on the cheap and on the sly, with any word kept carefully out of the press until the film was complete, Pig is a grueling exercise in single-take horror, a savage satire on American gender roles built around a lunatic central performance from Andrew Howard. With the runtime dominated by a single 70+-minute take, this is something entirely new from Mason, a technical experiment that builds on the themes and approach of his earlier work.

The film opens up right into the heart of the gory action, as we follow a bloodied and beaten woman down a lonely dirt road. Soon a truck rolls up on her, and the main protagonist of Pig is revealed to be the old standby of country-bumpkin-white-trash-crazy-freak-o. It’s obvious the woman has escaped, however briefly, from the clutches of this insane psychopath, but isn’t getting away. For her, things are going from bad to worse, and fast. What happens next is text book chase-and-kill stuff, albeit taken to an entirely new level of dread.

You can also watch the full film at Twitch, Bloody Disgusting and Dread Central for a three hour window only starting at 6pm PST, 9pm EST on 17th April.

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