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Doctor Who – What do you think so far?

Posted by LiveFor on April 11, 2010

We are now two episodes in to Matt Smith’s run as the Doctor and Steven Moffat behind the scenes.

So far I have been impressed with Smith. He is more like a mad professor and the character’s scary intelligence comes across more than it did with Tennant.

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond is also a great actress and could well be a classic Companion.

Story wise the bad guys have been a bit week though, but early days. However, there does appear to be a bit of an increase in the budget or at least with what they are doing with it.

That’s all from me. Now over to you. What do you think of the show so far?

Discuss in the comments below.

Here is the trailer for next weeks episode.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could cross it over with the Empty Child episodes from Christopher Eccleston’s turn as the Doctor.

7 Responses to “Doctor Who – What do you think so far?”

  1. Dave said

    Completely agree. Love the new Doctor and Companion, and they really do show a lot of potential… the stories haven’t quite been up to scratch, though. The first one was good considering the limitations of having to introduce a whole new cast, but the second one was just a bit dull. I can see what they were trying for with the creepy undertones that worked so well in previous seasons, but it just didn’t have the same effect.
    I’m holding out hope for some awesome episodes, though. I think the cast are more than capable, I just hope the writers are too.

  2. anotherzen said

    i think he is overacting abit in a bad way, and im very skeptical, but i thought that when Tennat took the part too, and after a few episodes he settled in and i hope it will be the same with Smith. He did an ok job on the last episode, when he got all angry and stuff, good sudden behaviour change that the doctor has had for a while. Just hope he just takes it down a notch the times when he seems overly overcrazy, because the acting becomes fake and that is bleeding through, but when he hopefull settles in, i think he will be brilliant ^^ And the second episode was fun, nice scenery and story, it was a nice getaway from london, even tho it was london in a way.

  3. liveforfilms said

    I think that Smith has had to carry over the spirit of Tennant in the first couple of episodes. Usually the way of things until the new version of the Doctor finds his feet.

    He does seem to like waving his fingers around a bit. I do get the impression that his Doctor could end up being a bit of a bastard which could work out well for the show.

    Plus in the latest episode it was actually Amy who saved the day. Nice to find out a bit more about why Elizabeth I didn’t like the Doctor.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Churchill and the Daleks in the next episode.

  4. Karin said

    Overall response is loved it, think both of them are brilliant and was amazed that they could pull it off. But … does anyone else find Steven Moffat’s stuff a bit, well, same-y? The scary smilers looked like the man with the dog, crossed with the weeping angels. The girl-growing-up was done in Madame de Pompadour (which my son insisted on watching again, straight after seeing Eleventh Hour). Even the way the menace is built up and that flash of the crack at the end of the Beast Below all felt a bit – familiar. (Bad Wolf, anyone?) Still maybe I’m being a bit picky, after all we watch at least an episode a day at our house so I do know them perhaps a little too well …

  5. Moffat – through Smith – is subtly shifting the parameters of Who to where he wants it to go, but he can’t do that immediately.

    He has to incorporate RTD’s style and enough Tennant to make it recognisable, and then move away over time.

    I think he has done that incredibly well so far, while also making each episode far more layered than RTD’s ever were.

    New Who really stands up to repeat viewing and whereas previously that only revealed holes to pick at, so far it has just shown me new themes and depths to explore.

    While the villains have not been top class so far, I do not think they were ever meant to be with episode one all about the Doctor and this week’s about Amy.

    I think as the series progresses it will really gather pace and dramatic weight as all the plot strands and themes Moffat is so carefully weaving in now – like the cracks, the word zero and the adult fairytale style of the story – bear fruit.

  6. anotherzen said

    i think i read somewhere that they would go for the Bad wolf angle straight of the bat this time around, and i think its a nice way of keeping a kind of a red thread throughout the episodes. Looking forward to the next episode 🙂

  7. Definitely two thumbs up from the CinemaScream household. Really like Smith as the Doctor as he seems timeless and it is nice to see the Doctor’s new character emerging. Plus the new (or maybe return to the old) ‘otherly’ feel is great… feels a bit more oddly British again

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