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Robot Jox – Cool art for the 90’s Mech Warrior style movie

Posted by LiveFor on April 13, 2010

I remember watching the 1990 film Robot Jox. I remember the trailer on another video and kept heading back to the video shop to see if they had it. Eventually they did and the massive robot mayhem commenced. Like many films back then it wasn’t as good as it could have been, but it had its moments. Namely the giant robot battlesuits that converted into tanks and spaceships.

The film was by Stuart Gordon and written by sci-fi author Joe Haldeman.

Now artist Robert Simons has done some cool art based on the film that io9 came across. It is truly awesome and I would love to see more films from back in the day get an artistic update like this. Come on someone do Ice Pirates!

Simons did the Robot Jox art for a class in Viscom software. He also says he almost did some concept design work for the Transformers movies — and based on this work, we wish he had. More pics are at these links.

Check out more of his work over on DeviantArt.

Robot Jox (DVD) –
Robot Jox (DVD – Region 1) –

4 Responses to “Robot Jox – Cool art for the 90’s Mech Warrior style movie”

  1. I remember renting this at a party or something when I was a kid. Strangely, I recall it being a lot darker than this, with a saboteur plot and quite a lot of ultra-violence. Maybe I’m getting it mixed up with something else!

    Either way, loving that creppy ED-209 style movement. Those concept pics rule, too.

    Maybe instead of having countless Hollywood remakes of already-popular movies, they should look at doing stuff like Robot Jox, which has a mint concept and they know the art director is ready to go too!

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