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Green Lantern – An update on the suit

Posted by LiveFor on April 17, 2010

A few days ago it was mentioned that Ryan Reynold’s suit as Green Lantern was going to be CGI.

Now Comic Book Movies apparantly got onto the set and spoke to some of the people involved with the film and asked them about the suit.

“It’s gonna look just like the comic stories.” said their source. “I saw a handful of storyboards and mock ups already and it looks like what’s in the comics by kids read. Black and green and white.”

“I didn’t see the whole suit. It was from a scene where [Ryan] changes into it. It was, like, lava melting on him. Well, like liquid. Like if someone threw a can of paint on him and it splashed around and covered him up. And it’s not solid colors really. More like the colors shift around subtly.”

If that is true then it sounds as if it will be CGI. However, as the source only saw storyboards and mockups then not sure how he knew just how the suit would look going on. Maybe just me being cynical. Just really excited that they are making a Green Lantern film.

The above image is fan made from here.

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