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Kevin Conroy Disses Christian Bale’s Batman Voice

Posted by LiveFor on April 18, 2010

As you will know if you are a regular reader I really like Kevin Conroy. He is the true voice of Batman in The Animated Series and most recently the Arkham Asylum video game.

Christian Bale’s Batman voice in The Dark Knight has been slagged off many times. Personally, it didn’t bother me and would make sense for him to change his voice as much as he could to protect his identity (hmm maybe he should use that defective collar Alpha had in up).

At C2E2, Kevin Conroy spoke about Christian Bale’s infamous Batman voice. He thinks somebody should have told Bale just how bad it was.

What did you think of Bale’s voice in The Dark Knight?

6 Responses to “Kevin Conroy Disses Christian Bale’s Batman Voice”

  1. The concept of the Bale’s growl is true to the comic…it just sounds a bit forced. So I think it’s just the execution not the idea that is off. That being said Bale is far and away the best Batman…I think he will just get better.

  2. anotherzen said

    Kevin Conroy imo. is the best allround Batman voice there is, Bader is a good second but only because his voice fits Brave and the Bold’s style. Bale’s voice.. is just wrong right into the comically.

  3. cklockwork said

    why would Conroy go around bashing Bale? they play for the same team. i’d say bale might go bashing conroy in retaliation… but i doubt Bale freaking cares… he played Batman… in The Dark Knight. it made an absurd amount of money. The Animated Series got old back when I was in junior high.

  4. Jerkwater_USA said

    Christian Bale was not part of The Dark Knight production. He portrayed Batman in Batman Begins. All this talk about his voice, and I really did not even notice until I found this forum. The film is arguably the best Batman ever, drawing on a realistic and very “human” performance by Bale, unlike the plastic performances of Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer.

  5. Bacchus said

    the plastic performances of Michael Keaton

    Wow, I always believed that Keaton was the best Batman. As for K. Conroy I really like is voice as Batman but he never played it. And same here i had no idea that there was such fuss about the voice Bale made in Batman begins and Dark Knight, to me it made sense for “Wayne” to change is voice so he wont be recognize by other people. (base on the comics)

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