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Robin Hood – New poster. Look Russell’s on a horse

Posted by LiveFor on April 19, 2010

I’m still not sure whether this is going to be good or suck great big ones. Not really been impressed by anything I have seen on it. I hope Ridley Scott does us proud.

Source: AICN

2 Responses to “Robin Hood – New poster. Look Russell’s on a horse”

  1. pam fruendt said

    saw russell crowe on oprah this week and he said scott was taking the story back to the original myth/story of robin hood…and forgeting all the crap that’s become the story thru the years. according to crowe, the story has been around some 800 years. so if they really do get back to its origins, it might work. the tv ads here in the states are quite good. crowe gave oprah his primary sword used in the film with the engraving about lambs and lions – which came from ridley – and his long bow and an arrow which came from him – meaning russell. i’m getting intrigued by this film, but i don’t want to know too much about it before opening day.

  2. Andrew said

    Fresh from seeing “Robin Hood” I say the advertising campagin doesn’t do the film justice. *POSSIBLE SPOILERS ALERT* This is not a film a film about action really, it’s more a film about medieval England. Scott once again provides a range of lush visuals to feast on, with magnificent costumes and real sense of a gritty and somewhat magical life-time. The acting is good – I questioned the Australian leads (why not get English actor’s?) but they’ll do + they’ll draw the crowds.

    As for the tale of Robin Hood, this really is “Robin Hood: Begins”. You get the key characters – they’re all there – however doing stuff you’ve never seen before. This is a twist on the tale and I can see why people are getting irate in reviews, but trust me – give it a chance! This is some great film-making and the whole thing has a fresh feel to it. Maybe a better title would guide viewers as to the true content?

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