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Thor – First look at Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder

Posted by LiveFor on April 30, 2010

Finally our first look at Thor. Yep, that is a photo of Chris Hemsworth in costume as the titular Norse God and how cool is that. I just can’t get over how faithful to the recent comic book version the costume is. Marvel Studios are really sticking close to the original character designs in all of their films.

I do like the whole look of the costume from the chest plates to the almost futuristic chainmail on the arm. All goes along with the God like technology and brings to mind Arthur C Clarke’s quote, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Plus there is a definite hint of Jack Kirby to it.

Looks like Marvel officially released the first look at Thor after a photo of The Destroyer slipped out.

With Kenneth Branagh directing there is a very Shakespearean kind of vibe from all of this and I for one cannot wait for Marvel Studios next film after Iron Man 2.

What do you think of our first glimpse of Thor?

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14 Responses to “Thor – First look at Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder”

  1. anotherzen said

    that looks pretty awesome, i wonder if they will add a bit of metalic feel with filters or cgi to the scalemail’ish parts.

  2. pat said

    i came.


  3. pat said

    oh yea somebody at imdb pointed this out n i agree its scale mail not chain 🙂

  4. Aaron said

    I like his look for this, but I hope he grows out the stubble and bulks up more when the Avengers movie comes around… so he can look more “godly” next to a bulked Chris Evans and the CGI Iron Man. (the CGI Hulk can be bigger than Thor, appropriate to his namesake)

  5. anotherzen said

    hmm, i tried to do some photoshop work on it, just fast, and i think its a throne in the back. there seems alteast to be 2 steps showing. i dunno i tried to draw lines on this one inverted on this

  6. Phil said

    It’s the Emerald City!

  7. cainraw said

    Honestly,this photo and the destroyer photo pretty much squashed any hesitation I had about kenneth branagh boning this one out, my faith in this being one of the most ruling movies ever are an all-time high.

  8. Rod said

    I think the thing behind him is a toilet…a porcelain “God”.


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