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POLL: What did you think of Iron Man 2?

Posted by LiveFor on May 4, 2010

3 Responses to “POLL: What did you think of Iron Man 2?”

  1. It had lots of great elements, but the whole picture didn’t quite mesh for me

  2. pat said

    yea i agree. went to see it yesterday. i hated the way they introduced rourke’s character. him bein on screen and his dad dying in a matter of seconds make the loud scream for revenge that follows seem a little ridiculous. although after that rourke really made whiplash work and fun to watch on screen. rdj was great as ever, only favreau really annoyed me actingwise because i simply thought he put himself way too much in front of the camera.
    i caught myself checking the time a few times, mostly in the middle of the film where it kind of seems to run dry. the action sequences are well done though, when there are explosions and fights it definitely manages to keep ur interest.

    i d give it a 6.5 or anything just under 7 out of 10.

  3. Andy said

    The dialogue didn’t work this time; it came across as rushed and forced. The plot was daft, the movie just didn’t sit well.. 5/10

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