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Live for Films is 5th most influential UK Movie Blog

Posted by LiveFor on May 5, 2010

Now I’m not one for going “yaay look at me”….well running a blog is kind of saying “Yaay look at me.” Moving on.

Some lovely news that I had to share. Turns out this little old film website is the 5th Most Influential Movie Blog in the entire Universe. By Universe I mean the United Kingdom.

Wikio are the people who say it is so and I am inclined to agree with them.

Here is the full list for the month of May. I reckon if I keep posting and work hard I can tumble all the way down to 30 by June.

Seriously though, thanks for reading and enjoying what I do. Okay enough of this, let’s go to work.

1 Mark Kermode’s film blog (+2)
2 HeyUGuys (=)
3 Clothes on Film (-2)
4 Philip Bloom (=)
5 Live for Films (Ent.)
6 Filmstalker (-1)
7 (-1)
8 DVD Movie Maniac (-1)
9 Film Studies For Free (+1)
10 ROUND EYE (-2)
11 Movie Talk (-2)
12 Mainlymovies (-1)
13 Dave Camp on Film (-1)
14 Danland Movies (-1)
15 Savage Popcorn (-1)
16 891 Filmhouse (-1)
17 Judge Minty Fan Film (-1)
18 Strange Conversation (=)
19 Dumfries and Galloway – Film Review (=)
20 LongRoadFilm (=)
21 100+ Movies Beginning With ‘W’ (+5)
22 Fleapit of the Mind (+29)
23 Hollywood News (Ent.)
24 SciFiNow (+33)
25 Andy Coughlan’s Screenwriting and Filmmaking Blog (-8)
27 Eibon Films – News (-5)
28 Icon Films Blog (-4)
29 (-4)
30 Artmanfilm (-3)

9 Responses to “Live for Films is 5th most influential UK Movie Blog”

  1. Phil said

    Awesome! Well done!

  2. Nice one and well deserved.

  3. JamesMX said

    Congrats!! I’m very happy to read this. Keep the good work!

  4. anotherzen said

    Awesome, congrats and well done 😀

  5. pjowens75 said

    WOOHOO!!! Way to go, Phil!! That is WAY cool, and very much deserved! Proud of you, Sir.

  6. liveforfilms said

    Thanks very much for all the kind words. Wouldn’t even be on the list if wasn’t for all of you. Cheers

  7. Daan said


  8. pam fruendt said

    great news phil…oh, and by the way, does this mean i get a real press pass now???

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