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Journey of Promethea – Can even the mighty Billy Zane save this one?

Posted by LiveFor on May 6, 2010

One Response to “Journey of Promethea – Can even the mighty Billy Zane save this one?”

  1. Denise Johnson said

    Cheesy acting at best…. phew
    The storyline was acceptable, even well thought out, but- somewhere between point a and b this movie failed terribly.

    The male and female actors were atrocious…
    The blind woman and small selection of female actresses in conjunction with the princess were the ONLY saving grace to this movie.

    Throughout the movie, cheap unrealistic costumes were mixed with modern day jewelry which gave for a great laugh. Strangely…No one (INCLUDING THE KING) wore shoes, lol

    Worst of all, were the “wise men’s” ill fitting rubbery/plastic masks meant to look like they had deformed faces?

    Had I written this story Id surely sue whomever made such a mockery of it by destroying it’s very nature in this movie format. Seriously!

    There are soooooooooo many things wrong with this movie…
    Save your money, energy, and valuable time.

    Heck, pull out a camcorder and create your own version it’s bound to be more enjoyable!

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