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Someone stole an Alien!

Posted by LiveFor on May 7, 2010

The London Film Museum is sad to announce that someone has taken part of its Alien Queen!

The incident occurred last Wednesday when at the end of the day a member of staff noticed that the inner jaw was missing from the 30 foot piece.

The inner jaw is famous from the films as the part that pushes forward as the Alien creatures widen their jaws, usually in a scream. The production model housed in the museum belongs to the museums owner, Jonathan Sands and has been in his personal collection since 1990.

“The Alien Queen sits in the largest section of the museum surrounded and guarding her batch of eggs.” Jonathan said today. “It saddens me that someone felt the urge to lean over the barrier and take the inner jaw section, therefore making the piece incomplete. Whoever has taken the jaw is probably looking to sell it on so we are monitoring auction websites for any items that appear, and we are reviewing security footage of the museum and will hopefully be able to find the culprit soon.”

“We are not looking to press charges, only to reclaim the jaw and make the Queen complete again. The piece has little commercial value in isolation, but has huge sentimental value for us here at the museum. We would like the person who took the jaw to feel that they can return it to us without any consequences.”

If anyone has information as the whereabouts the of the Alien Queens inner jaw then they should contact the museum on 020 7202 7040 or email

4 Responses to “Someone stole an Alien!”

  1. anotherzen said

    hmm, alien resurrection anyone?

  2. pat said

    doesnt matter. the london film museum is the shame of the capital. literally, its so expensive and so crap. it deserves to be stolen from!!
    its a shame its not a well looked after, pinnacle of this buzzing city. i d love to take people there if it wasnt so awful.

  3. Mark Best said

    Hi Pat

    We are working hard here at the museum to better the content and since we brought on board our Advisory Committee at the beginning of the year we have been going from strength to strength.

    Whatever your feelings about the museum, no museum deserves to have pieces taken from it at the detriment to everyone else who visits.


    Mark Best
    London Film Museum
    020 7202 7040

    • liveforfilms said

      Hi Mark,

      Cheers for the update. Keep me posted on what developments you are having at the Museum and I’ll spread the word.

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