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Pulp Fiction Vader and Fett style

Posted by LiveFor on April 19, 2010

“You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese on Tatooine?”

Source: Badass Yoda

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Shadowland – Daredevil is bringing the Hand to New York

Posted by LiveFor on April 18, 2010

Oh I miss not getting as many comics as I used to. I’ve lost touch with what has been happening with loads of them which is a shame. I had heard that Daredevil had taken over the running of the ninja clan The Hand.

Now, in a Marvel event called Shadowland the Man Without Fear is bringing the Hand back to New York city and it looks like it could be epic.

Shadowland will be a five issue mini-series written by Andy Diggle and drawn by Billy Tan (he did the excellent cover at the top. According to The Weekly Crisis (cool comic site) last few issues of his main title we know that construction has already begun on the monumental fortress that will be Shadowland.

In the picture above we can also see what other heroes are going to be involved – Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Punisher, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Elektra, Misty Knight, Bullseye.

Really sounds like it could be a great event.

Anyone, want to bring us up to speed on the recent events in Daredevil?

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Classic comics redesigned as retro syle book covers

Posted by LiveFor on April 17, 2010

How absolutely brilliant are these reimagined covers for Watchmen, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk and Power Pack. Just brilliant.

Steven Finch over at Fonografiks did the work.
Which one is your favourite?

Source: io9

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Star Wars – Samurai style in Samurai Wars

Posted by LiveFor on April 16, 2010

Check out the cool Samurai style action figures by an artist called Sillof. Lucas based the original Star Wars on Akira Kurosawa’s classic The Hidden Fortress hence the reason for these figures and they look mighty cool.

Samurai Wars is a line of custom figures that imagines what a Star Wars movie directed by Akira Kurosawa would look like. George Lucas has said publically what a fan he is a Kurosawas and also the influence that Kurosawa’s “The Hidden Fortress” had on Star Wars. At the bottom of the page is a fake write up that I did for a convention that claims this is a real movie.

Last year you may recall reading or hearing about a discovery that shook the cinematic world to its foundations. The famed Ekafama Auction House in Yokahama announced its astonishing discovery, pictures. However, these were no ordinary pictures, they were in fact stills from a movie a half a century old that was not supposed to exist.

The film was a movie that even the most wishful cinephile thought was an urban legend. The movie was Mononofu Woza: Ryu-Mikomi by acclaimed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. Very little has been written about the film over the years as very little was known. The facts are hard to come by as the story and legends surrounding it grew substantially over the years until the entire project entered an ethereal state.

The facts that can be confirmed by the limited studio records that survive are few. It was to be something of mega project unheard of in its day. The film was budgeted to be the most expensive film in Japanese history and boasted a veritable who’s who of Japanese cinema and Kurosawa regulars (see inset table below). It began filming in 1955 and would have been released the following year in 1956. Most of the principal photography had wrapped when tragedy struck. A fire broke out in the offices at the famed Toho Studios. The arson investigation ruled newly installed faulty wiring as the cause of the blaze. The studio decided the project could not be restarted due to the numerous commitments of its many stars to other films, many of which Toho studios was also overseeing.

I love it when they come up with excellent back stories to go with the art. What do you think of the figures?

Source: Sci-Fi Wire

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Cool Posters – Propaganda style for Joust, Donkey Kong and Frogger

Posted by LiveFor on April 13, 2010

Lovely vintage propoganda style posters for these video games by Steve Thomas.

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Robot Jox – Cool art for the 90’s Mech Warrior style movie

Posted by LiveFor on April 13, 2010

I remember watching the 1990 film Robot Jox. I remember the trailer on another video and kept heading back to the video shop to see if they had it. Eventually they did and the massive robot mayhem commenced. Like many films back then it wasn’t as good as it could have been, but it had its moments. Namely the giant robot battlesuits that converted into tanks and spaceships.

The film was by Stuart Gordon and written by sci-fi author Joe Haldeman.

Now artist Robert Simons has done some cool art based on the film that io9 came across. It is truly awesome and I would love to see more films from back in the day get an artistic update like this. Come on someone do Ice Pirates!

Simons did the Robot Jox art for a class in Viscom software. He also says he almost did some concept design work for the Transformers movies — and based on this work, we wish he had. More pics are at these links.

Check out more of his work over on DeviantArt.

Robot Jox (DVD) –
Robot Jox (DVD – Region 1) –

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Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop – 5 minutes from the artists new documentary

Posted by LiveFor on April 8, 2010

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LOST: The Animated Series

Posted by LiveFor on April 7, 2010

LOST gets ever nearer to the end of its final series (anyone want to send me seasons 3 onwards so I can catch up?) and artist Michael Blaine decided to imagine what the characters would look like in an animated show.

Michael, you did excellent work. I want a t-shirt with the smoke monster pic on it.

Source: The Swedish Bed

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Star Wars – Those saucy Empire Pin-Up girls want you!

Posted by LiveFor on April 7, 2010

Need another reason to join the Galactic Empire? Well these Star Wars propaganda pin up posters by Feng Zhu may go some way to entice you. Those fighting girls want you!

Source: Geekologie

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Underachieving AT-ATs

Posted by LiveFor on April 7, 2010

Oh pity the poor ATs who never made it to Hoth.

Source: io9

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