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Battlestar Galacti-car

Posted by LiveFor on April 6, 2010

Would you frakking believe it. Some one made a street legal Colonial Viper.

The car was built by Dean Shorey, the master ride mechanic for Seabreeze Amusement Park in Rochester, NY. I worked there as a systems engineer for one season on a custom pump house control system for their waterpark. Dean and his crew have that park in such good working order, that he has a lot of free time on his hands, especially in the off seasons (when the park isn’t building custom antique style carousels for other parks). So he restores and collects cars. Last I talked with him, he had over 20 something vehicles in various states of restoration. He’s a big fan of the original BSG, so he decided to build himself a STREET LEGAL Viper Starfighter. From what I remember, the front end is off of an old postal Jeep, it has chevy small block engine (cause Dean is a GM guy and he has lots of small blocks lying around the shop). It seats one person and has a cassette deck. No A/C.

Source: Jalopnik

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Battlestar Galactica / Beastie Boys: Sabotage mashup

Posted by LiveFor on March 9, 2010

Awesome song, awesome TV show, Frakking awesome mashup.

Mashup by katamaran78. Here’s the original.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire

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Bryan Singer takes on Jack the Giant Killer

Posted by LiveFor on September 23, 2009

bryansingerBryan Singer (Superman Returns, X-Men, The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie) has signed on to direct Jack the Giant Killer, the fantasy adventure from New Line and Legendary Pictures.

Neal Moritz is producing via his Original Film banner along with David Dobkin.

The story, by Mark Bomback (“Live Free or Die Hard”), is set in motion when a princess is kidnapped, threatening a long-standing peace between men and giants. A young farmer is given an opportunity to lead a dangerous expedition to the giants’ kingdom in hopes of rescuing her. Darren Lemke is the original writer.

Michele Weiss and Michael Disco are overseeing for the studio while Ori Marmur is overseeing for Original. Jon Jashni and Alex Garcia shepherd for Legendary, which is co-producing and co-financing.

This is the third project the filmmaker has attached himself to in the last two months. The other two are a feature version of “Battlestar Galactica,” set up at Universal, and a remake of “Excalibur,” set up at Warners with Legendary also involved.

“Killer” is most likely to be Singer’s next movie. The project has no start date but is being fast-tracked.

Source: HeatVision

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Bryan Singer Helming Battlestar Galactica Reboot

Posted by LiveFor on August 13, 2009


Entertainment Weekly has the scoop on a fresh reboot of Battlestar Galactica:

Battlestar Galactica is getting the big-screen treatment. Universal Pictures has confirmed blog speculation that Bryan Singer, director of Valkyrie, will take on directing and producing duties for a BSG movie. Glen Larson, who created original series back in 1978, will produce as well. The film is not expected to be a continuation of current popular television show that’s running on the SyFy network but will be a complete re-imagining of the sci-fi lore that was invented by Larson back in the 70s.

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UFO The Movie – Concept art

Posted by LiveFor on June 11, 2009

The recent news that Gerry Anderson’s classic TV show, UFO, was to be adapted to the big screen by producer Robert Evans met with quite a bit of joy. Gerry Anderson also seemed to like the idea.

The question though is what would it look like? Would it have the silver miniskirts and purple hair from the original show or would it be less campy and more darker?

CinemaSpy wondered the same thing and got together with Battlestar Galactica production illustrator Eric Chu.
After a lot of discussion they came up with these cool pieces of speculative concept art. I think they look great. They keep the original designs, but update them for todays audience.
Of course these are just “what if” pieces of work, but it is good to see people out there thinking hard about what the film could look like. Plus you never know, the filmmakers may like these images.
Do you feel this concept art captures the essence of the TV show?

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Could Katee Sackhoff be playing Typhoid Mary in a new Daredevil film?

Posted by LiveFor on May 24, 2009

It is possible that Fox may be setting up to reboot the Daredevil franchise, with none other than Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) set to play Typhoid Mary, an enemy and former lover of Daredevil.

Los Angeles-based Golden Apple Comics is reporting that Sackhoff recently came in and grabbed every comic should could find featuring Typhoid Mary.

So we got a little visit in our comic shop last week by Katee Sackhoff, also known as Starbuck for her role on BSG. She proceeded to grab all the Typhoid Mary comics we had and has hopes to get a part for a marvel movie…

I mentioned back in August last year that Jason Statham, with the backing of Frank Miller, wanted to play Daredevil. I could see the Stath as Daredevil (his past as a high diver would help), but not his alter-ego Matt Murdock.

However, Typhoid Mary also cropped up quite a bit in the Deadpool comics. Now we all know that Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool has been given the go ahead for a film so maybe Mary will crop up in there.
I personally feel that Kate as Mary is actually a very good fit. Her time as the messed up character in the short lived Bionic Woman show shows she can act a bit mental and she was always great in Galactica.

Typhoid Mary is an enemy and former lover of Daredevil with low level psionic powers, including telekinesis. She has been employed by organized crime syndicates as an assassin in the past. She is also truly and gravely mentally ill.

Her condition was revealed to have been accidentally caused by a pre-Daredevil Matt Murdock. He had tracked a villain down to the brothel where Mary worked. He attacked the man, but to his surprise, the girls working there came at him. Panicking, he lashed out, knocking Mary out the window. It was at this moment Mary became Typhoid Mary, vowing no man would ever hurt her again. In later appearances, however, she would imply that she was a victim of child abuse.

Suffering from dissociative identity disorder, Mary Walker has two other abnormal personalities in addition to her seemingly healthy one. Her “Mary” personality is a timid, quiet, pacifist; her “Typhoid” personality is adventurous, lustful, and violent; and her “Bloody Mary” persona is brutal, sadistic, and hates all men. Mary once claimed that there was a fourth personality, who is ‘lost,’ but it has not since been mentioned. Aside from highly developed martial arts skills, Walker also possesses telekinetic powers and, more dangerously, pyrokinesis, the ability to set people or objects in her immediate vicinity aflame. –Wikipedia

Of course this is all very much a rumour.

So Deadpool or Daredevil? Which film do you think Mary may be starring in? If it is a Daredevil reboot who would you like to see throw the billy-club? Do you think Sackhoff would make a good Typhoid Mary?

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New Enterprise v Battlestar Galactive v Old Enterprise -Which is bigger?

Posted by LiveFor on May 15, 2009

Click on the picture to make it bigger.

Gizmodo did have this to say though:

Since we did the original ISS comparison, the specifications for the new Battlestar Galactica have changed. After the end of the series, one of the visual effects guy shared information about the actual size of Adama’s new ship. It measures 1,438.64 meters. Almost a mile, so it’s bigger than the new Enterprise and less than 200 meters shy of an Imperial Star Destroyer. I changed the graphic to display the old Galactica, which has the correct size.

Source: Gizmodo

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Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series heading to DVD and Blu-Ray

Posted by LiveFor on April 29, 2009

Great news for Battlestar Galactica fans (although it is a little out of my price range). Not sure on the packaging for the complete series though. Surely they could have done something better.

Universal Home Video has announced DVD ($49.98) and Blu-ray ($69.98) releases of Battlestar Galactica: Season 4.5 for the 28th July. Each will include commentaries by Ronald D. Moore, David Eick, and Edward James Olmos, Ronald D. Moore’s Podcast Commentaries, David Eick’s Video Blogs, deleted scenes, and featurettes (“Evolution of a Cue”, “The Journey Ends: The Arrival”, “So Say We All”, “Manifesto Destiny”, “Battle-Style Galactica”, “Martyr To A Cause”, “The Sins of The Forgiven”, “Battlestar Revelations”). The Blu-ray release will also include additional U-Control and BD-Live functions.

Also available from the 28th July will be DVD ($279.98) and Blu-ray ($349.98) releases of Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series. The ambitious 20-disc Blu-ray™ Hi-Def set and a 25-disc standard DVD set contains every episode of television’s most original, thought-provoking series, together with extensive bonus materials delving deep into the richly imagined world of the hit SCI FI Channel original show.

Source: DVD Active

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Battlestar Galactica / Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Mashup

Posted by LiveFor on April 25, 2009

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Muppetstar Galactica

Posted by LiveFor on March 27, 2009

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