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Jinja’s 300 films in a year

Posted by LiveFor on May 3, 2010

Ok the quest continues. Into the middle third of the year and currently running behind schedule for the “300 movies in a year”, thought I’d actually write something about what I’m watching. Be aware I do pollute my eyes with a varied collection of genres!

#75 The Bourne Identity
“A man is picked up by a fishing boat, bullet-riddled and without memory, then races to elude assassins and recover from amnesia.” – IMDB

The action and pace of this movie are fantastic, definately giving Bond a run for his money.

One thing which I did notice was the how much the world has changed in just 8 years. Watch it again and check out the technology – no LCD monitors in the CIA office, and old school motorola mobile phones…not an iPhone in sight, which seems to be the norm for spies these days.

Looking forward to the next two installments after rewatching this one.
Part of you wants to be woken up on a bench and from nowhere you suddenly get all of these martial arts skills popping into your head!

#76 Fight Club
“An office employee and a soap salesman build a global organization to help vent male aggression.” – IMDB

Due to the first and second rule I’m actually unable to talk about this…

After not seeing this movie since its original release in ’99 I hadn’t realised how much of the film I completely forgotten about, and just how funny it is.

Also when you know the ‘twist’ it gives a very different view of the film.

#77 OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies

“Secret agent OSS 117 foils Nazis, beds local beauties, and brings peace to the Middle East.” – IMDB

See review from 20/05/09 – still as good, if not better after more viewings.

#78 Timecrimes
“A man accidentally gets into a time machine and travels back in time nearly an hour. Finding himself will be the first of a series of disasters of unforeseeable consequences.” – IMDB

If you in anyway shape or form like the idea of time travel and paradoxs etc you need to watch this fantastic, modern day, Spanish, small cast movie. How you would write this and not get confused is beyond me!

Imagine “FAQ of Time Travel” but serious and over only a couple of hours, mixed in with “Triangle” and smidge of Darkman for good measure.

By Jinja

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LFF Film Club – Three Days of the Condor

Posted by LiveFor on March 12, 2010

“You think not getting caught in a lie is the same thing as telling the truth?”

This weekend the Live for Films Film Club movie is the classic Sydney Pollack 1975 movie, Three Days of the Condor.

His CIA code name is Condor. In the next seventy-two hours almost everyone he trusts will try to kill him.

It stars Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway, Max von Sydow and Cliff Robertson.

Condor is a superb film. Great performances, very cool and stylish. When you watch it have a think about The Bourne Identity film and you will see where they got some of the ideas for that film.

If you are just joining us the LFF Film Club is all about getting people to watch classic, cult, cool or just forgotten movies.

Watch it then talk about it over on the LFF Forum.

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The Random – Patrick Stewart in Mad Max 4, Zac Efron as Spider-Man, Spock as Gershwin, Bourne with no Damon, Kathryn Bigelow wins best Director at DGA Awards, Being Human gets a third series

Posted by LiveFor on February 1, 2010

– Patrick Stewart has mentioned he is working with director George Miller on a film and it isn’t Happy Feet 2. Still very much a rumour via AICN, but it would be very cool to see Stewart in the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max. I’m hoping he plays a bad guy.

– An even bigger rumour (an probably totally made up as it comes from the UK magazine OK) is that Zac Efron could be the new Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4. The article says that Tobey Maguire has picked Zac and that his High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens could be Mary Jane. Zac is closer in age to the Peter Parker back at high school tale they want to tell. Do you think it could be true? Go and vote on who you want to be the new Spidey.

– Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, Heroes) could be down to play George Gershwin and Spielberg may be directing.

– After basically wrapping up the Bourne franchise in Bourne Ultimatum it looks as if the studio want to continue the franchise, but so far they have no tale to tell. Empire have word from Matt Damon that the next Bourne could be a prequel and feature a different actor playing the younger version of Bourne. “There’ll probably be a prequel of some kind with another actor and another director before we do another one,” he said, “just because I think we’re probably another five years away from doing it – we’ve got to get a script…”

The Hurt Locker’s Kathryn Bigelow is the first woman to win the Directors Guild of America award for Outstanding Directorial Effort In Feature Film this weekend, calling it “the most incredible moment of my life.” Does this mean she’ll win the Oscar or will James Cameron get it for Avatar?

– The excellent Being Human (the show about a Vampire, Werewolf and Ghost living together) is currently showing its second series. Word from the BBC is that a third series has already been given the go ahead and the main cast are still in place. Fantastic news. Go watch the new series now.

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Green Zone – Poster for Matt Damon’s not Bourne, but a bit Bournish new film

Posted by LiveFor on November 4, 2009

On March 12, 2010, Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, United 93) re-team for the electrifying thriller Green Zone. In the film, Damon stars as Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller, a rogue U.S. Army officer who must hunt through covert and faulty intelligence hidden on foreign soil before war escalates in an unstable region.

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The Random – Inception, The Sunset Limited, Last Vegas, Red Riding Hood, Bourne 4, Unstoppable, Jimi Hendrix, Captain Marvel, Mother’s Day

Posted by LiveFor on August 22, 2009

– Warner Bros has launched the official website for Christopher Nolan’s Inception

Nikki Finke is reporting that Paramount has moved Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island from its original 2nd October release all the way to February of 2010

– Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson have joined the cast of the Cormac McCarthy play adaptation The Sunset Limited for HBO says Variety. Jackson plays a man who saves another man (Jones) from throwing himself in front of a Harlem subway train. The act begins an exchange of ideologies as the two men from different backgrounds debate the worth of their lives. Jones is set to direct.

– Peter Chelsom is set to direct the comedy Last Vegas for CBS Films reports Variety. Dan Fogelman’s script centers on four semi-retired baby boomers who head to Las Vegas when the last of the Coney Island buddies, a successful lawyer in his 60s, decides to tie the knot.

– Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Thirteen) has signed on to direct the werewolf film The Girl With the Red Riding Hood for Appian Way says Variety. Penned by David Johnson, the story is described as a gothic retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story with a teenage love triangle at its center.

– Josh Zetumer (The Infiltrator, Dune) is set to pen the fourth installment of Universal’s “Bourne” movie series says The Hollywood Reporter. The Bourne Ultimatum scribe George Nolfi initially returned to pen the fourth script but is now no longer available for further work due to his commitment to adapt the Philip K. Dick short story “The Adjustment Bureau”.

-Jessy Schram (TV’s “Veronica Mars”) and Kevin Dunn (“Transformers”) joined Tony Scott’s action drama Unstoppable for 20th Century Fox says The Hollywood Reporter. The Mark Bomback-scripted film follows the desperate efforts of a veteran engineer (Denzel Washington) and novice conductor (Chris Pine) to stop a train laden with toxic cargo speeding out of control toward a nearby city. The just cast Rosario Dawson will take on the role of a train dispatcher helping the men via radio. Schram will play the estranged wife of Pine’s character while Dunn will play Dawson’s boss.

– Legendary Pictures is currently developing a feature film biopic about Jimi Hendrix says Variety.

– Actor-turned-scribe Bill Birch is set to pen the script for the reboot of comic book superhero “Shazam!” for Warner Brothers Pictures says the trades. DC Comics regular Geoff Johns will co-write the script featuring Captain Marvel, teenager Billy Batson who becomes the powerful being when uttering the titular word.

– Shawn Ashmore, Jaime King, Briana Evigan, Alexa Vega, Matt O’Leary and Deborah Ann Woll are in talks to join the cast of the Mother’s Day remake for Genre Co. and Rat Entertainment says The Hollywood Reporter. A remake of the ’80s Troma production, the original revolved around three female friends who, while camping, run afoul of two brothers who engage in murder and rape to impress their deranged mother.

Source: MovieWeb

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The Random – No Nolan on Batman 3? 9, Star Trek 2, Jurassic Park 4, Neverending Story, Bourne 4, Red Dawn, Sean Penn

Posted by LiveFor on June 17, 2009

Batman-On-Film have the news that Christopher Nolan still has yet to commit to a third Batman film, and at this point he still isn’t interested in making another installment in the Batman series. Who would be a good director to take his place?

Focus Features has launched a viral site at for Shane Acker’s 9.

SciFi Wire talked with the writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci recently about how they’re planning to tackle the sequel to J J Abrams Star Trek. “I think the major lesson we learned is that fans were willing to accept differences and surprises, provided that they were somehow echoes or inspired by canon,” Orci said in an exclusive interview earlier this month. He added: “We still have to be true to Star Trek the next time around, but we’ve also been blessed with being able to be unpredictable. And that doesn’t mean we can just be shocking for no good reason and just throw everything away… It still has to echo everything that Star Trek has been.”

Producer Frank Marshall talked with Coming Soon about the future of various projects and franchises he’s involved in.

Bourne 4 “We’d like to shoot next year. It’s trying to get everybody’s schedules in the right place and getting the script right. We’ve done pretty well with these scripts that are pretty loosely put together, but I’d like the script to be really solid this time before we go forward. We’re spending a lot of time on this story” says Marshall.

The Neverending Story – It sounds like the remake will be more faithful to the original book – “We love the book and we’ve always thought there was an opportunity (because) there were a lot of elements in the book that weren’t in the movie. It’s another one where we’re still working on the rights and it’s a huge thing to get it. Once we get it, we’ll bring on a writer, but that’s kind of off in the distance. But it’s a great story.”

Jurassic Park IV – It’s still quite a long way away – “We just have to see if they can come up with a story. We don’t have a story.”

Marshall also is looking into an adaption of the New Yorker article The Last of the Metrozoids about art historian Kirk Vanedoe and his decision to coach a football team before he died of cancer shortly afterwards, and a film adaptation of Warren St. John’s book “Outcasts United” about immigrants on a soccer team in Georgia.

Josh Peck (The Wackness, Special) and Adrianne Palicki have joined the cast of the remake of Red Dawn for MGM/UA says The Hollywood Reporter. The story follows a group of teenagers who form an impromptu insurgency when their town is invaded by Chinese and Russian soldiers. Peck will play Matt Eckert, the hotheaded younger brother of Jed Eckert (Chris Hemsworth – Star Trek, Thor) and star quarterback of their Spokane high school football team. Palicki will play Tonim a tough fighter the brothers encounter who develops romantic feelings for Jed, a Marine home on leave and the group’s unofficial leader. John Milius directed the original 1984 Cold War-era actioneer, the new one will be handled by “The Bourne Ultimatum” and “Quantum of Solace” second-unit director Dan Bradley. Filming kicks off in September.

Sean Penn has dropped out of Universal’s action movie Cartel as well as MGM’s Three Stooges, according to several sources in Hollywood, including Hollywood Reporter and Deadline Hollywood. Word is that he’s had private conversations where he’s said that he doesn’t want to work “right away” and wants to “regroup” and “just needs personal time.”

Discuss in the forum or leave a comment below.


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Angelina Jolie to be Patricia Cornwell’s Dr Kay Scarpetta

Posted by LiveFor on April 22, 2009

Fox 2000 is acquiring screen rights to Patricia Cornwell’s bestselling book series on medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta, to develop as a vehicle for Angelina Jolie.

There are 16 Scarpetta novels, meaning a franchise is hoped for, but this film won’t be tied to a specific Cornwell mystery title. Much the way that Jason Bourne morphed into an action hero in plots not rigidly locked into the Robert Ludlum book series, the opera-loving coroner Scarpetta will be the lead in a suspense thriller in the vein of “The Silence of the Lambs” and “Seven.”

According to Variety the deal is a mega-marriage, with Jolie one of the most bankable female movie stars, and Cornwell one of the biggest selling female authors in the world. Cornwell, whose latest installment “Scarpetta” was published last December by Putnam, last year made a deal with Lifetime Television to adapt two non-Scarpetta novels, “At Risk” and “The Front.”

Once Jolie sparked to the series, months of negotiations followed between ICM and Fox 2000’s Elizabeth Gabler and Carla Hacken, because Cornwell was so protective of her literary property. The deal finally came together after Jolie and Kosinski met with the author and found common ground on the creative direction of the feature adaptation.

Jolie is starring in the Phillip Noyce-directed “Salt” for Columbia Pictures. She will reprise the voice for her Tigress character in “Kung Fu Panda” sequel and she awaits a script for a “Wanted” sequel that would potentially re-team her with director Timur Bekmambetov and James McAvoy at Universal. It will be interesting to see how they bring back her character in that sequel.

I’ve never read any Patricia Cornwell. If you have would they make a good film? Could it work as a new franchise?

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Ninja – That’s all you need to know.

Posted by LiveFor on April 17, 2009

Scott Adkins is the actor / stuntman / martial artist who is portraying Deadpool / Weapon XI (along with Ryan Reynolds of course) in the forthcoming film X-Men Origins: Wolverine – I mentioned that a while back. He has starred in The Bourne Ultimatum, Unleashed (Danny the Dog), The Medallion, The Pink Panther, Hollyoaks and Holby City. He gets around. That’s him below.
Now his time has come to play the lead in a film.

  • Will it be a romantic comedy?
  • Maybe a film looking into the depths of one man’s soul?
  • Or could it be a film where he plays a kick-ass Ninja?

Pick one of those three and see if you are right.
You guessed it. Option 3. He will be starring in Isaac Florentine’s upcoming martial arts extravaganza, Ninja. What’s not to love about that title.
A westerner named Casey (Adkins), studying Ninjutsu in Japan, is asked by the Sensei to return to New York to protect the legendary Yoroi Bitsu, an armored chest that contains the weapons of the last Koga Ninja.
Great synopsis as well. Tells you everything you need to know. Quiet Earth dug up the photos on this post (they have a few more so check them out as well) and they show that it will look lovely as well as having kick-ass Ninja action.

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Matt Damon in sci-fi film, The Adjustment Bureau. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in cop comedy, B Team

Posted by LiveFor on February 25, 2009

Variety reports that studios that are trying to fill 2010 release slates are weighing spec packages that would give them either an Adam McKay-directed action comedy starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, or a drama that will reunite Matt Damon with his The Bourne Ultimatum scribe George Nolfi.

Damon is at the center of The Adjustment Bureau, a contemporary science fiction love story that was shopped to studios by Media Rights Capital.

Nolfi wrote a script that is loosely based on a Philip K. Dick short story, and he will make his directing debut on the film, which will begin production by late summer.

Nolfi scripted the Damon-starrer Ocean’s Twelve, but they developed a closer relationship when he scripted The Bourne Ultimatum. He is also writing the fourth installment of the Bourne franchise for Universal.

Separately, several studios were bidding Tuesday on B Team, a McKay-directed action comedy that casts Ferrell and Wahlberg as cops, with Chris Henchy writing the script.

Henchy co-wrote the upcoming Ferrell-starrer Land of the Lost, and he is co-executive producer of Entourage, the HBO show on which Wahlberg is executive producer.

Even though B Team and The Adjustment Bureau come with pricey packages — buyers essentially commit to make the movies — both pictures are expected to have studio homes before the week is over.

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XIII – News on the Val Kilmer, Stephen Dorff mini-series

Posted by LiveFor on February 1, 2009

The controversial Belgian comic book “XIII” by Jean Van Hamme and William Vance is coming to American television in February, courtesy of Prodigy Pictures and Cipango. The four-hour television miniseries starring Stephen Dorff as the amnesiac assassin code named XIII will be broadcast on NBC February 8 and 15. Val Kilmer also appears as the Mongoose, an agent of a secret organization staging a coup from within the American government. CBR News spoke with producer Jay Firestone of Prodigy Pictures about bringing the renowned comic book to TV.

“It’s a bit ‘Bourne Identity,’ it’s a bit ‘Manchurian Candidate,’” Firestone told CBR. The television miniseries begins with the assassination of Sally Sheridan, the first female president of the United States. A man tattooed with the roman numeral XIII appears to have pulled the trigger, but he has no memory of this event or anything else about his life. On the run from both the U.S. government and those behind the conspiracy of which he may or may not be a part, XIII must uncover the truth about his own identity to save America from a much greater threat.

The television version of “XIII” is co-produced by Firestone’s Prodigy Pictures, which is based in Canada, and Cipango, a French company. The series premiered in France late last year. “The French love American stories,” Firestone said. “There’s actually a trend more and more toward American stories being more successful in Europe. There were a few years there where countries wanted domestic programming, and were doing very domestic shows, but were not getting the audiences that top American shows did. In this case, we had a combination of the two: we had a well-known Belgian story but with an American storyline.

“We brought in some writers and producers who had worked on a lot of American shows, ‘CSI,’ and ‘24,’ and sort of knew the genre, and they all got inspired by it, as well. We spent a couple years developing a great script, and once we had that we had everybody excited.”
As with any adaptation from one medium to another, Firestone and his team found themselves changing some aspects of the original comic book story to fit the four-hour miniseries format. One notable change, though, was casting the American president, whose assassination kicks off the story. In the comics, the President was a man. In the “XIII” TV miniseries, the President is a woman. With the recent inauguration of America’s first African-American president, it may be easy to forget that very recently it would have seemed more likely that the country would instead be marking the election of its first female commander-in-chief. But Firestone said that while many aspects of “XIII” do reflect the current political culture, the inclusion of a female president was merely a matter of “updating the concept.” “We just thought it was a fun idea,” the producer said.

Firestone did note, though, that “XIII” fits very well with the current international attention on the American political stage, and with a lot of perceptions about the country’s standing in the world. “It’s incredibly timely. A lot of people actually believe that things that are significant elements of our story are actually going on. We’re not speculating on whether they’re true or not,” he laughed. “But a lot of people believe it.”

CBR have lots more on this along with many photos.

Discuss in the Forum

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