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Extraordinary Measures – Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser make a miracle

Posted by LiveFor on November 11, 2009

EM 1-Sht (Page 1)
If you think this is a Mummy / Indiana Jones cross over then you are sorely mistaken.

The film is based on the true story of John Crowley, a man who fought the system to pursue a cure for his child’s life threatening disease.

You know what, Indiana Jones in a fridge is probably better than this. What happened to Indy and Han?

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Mortis Rex – Roman Soldiers vs Lovecraft style beastie

Posted by LiveFor on October 30, 2009

This has he potential to be very, very good, but then again so did Outlander. However, the concept art for Hellboy co-writer Peter Briggs supernatural action thriller Mortis Rex is lovely. Jim Jacks is producing it.

Speaking to Bloody Disgusting Briggs shed some light on how the story developed. “I had the idea for “Mortis” just prior to “Brotherhood of the Wolf” being released. At that point it was simply called “Untitled Roman Monster Movie”…the name “Mortis Rex” came out of something one of the characters says about half an hour into the story. In the early concept, our hero — Cassius Virius — had a female African sidekick, who was mute and did martial arts with a giant carved elephant bone. As soon as I saw “Brotherhood”, I tossed that notion right out the window! And, really, I was glad I did, because the story evolved into something less fantasy-oriented, and became a more grounded and gritty story. Visually, it’ll hopefully be like Ridley’s earlier work. Much more “Gladiator” than “300”. I bumped into “Brotherhood’s” director, Christophe Gans, at Warners a few years ago and told him how I’d had to change my characters…we had a laugh about it.”
The big question is whether the supernatural beastie will be worth watching.

“I’ve been working solidly the last month with our creature designer, Paul Mendoza, and our intention’s to portray onscreen the baddest, nastiest, Lovecraftian-level monstrosity you’ve ever seen,” Brings elaborates. “If you’re a fanboy, you’ll know Paul’s work…he sculpted Wayne Barlowe’s “Decurion” for Sideshow a while back, and the guy’s really a pocket genius. I’ve never seen anything like our creature, onscreen, ever. Period. I zap sketches to Paul, and he blasts finished renderings back over the internet, and then I scribble and Photoshop over them, and zap them back. I’ve had a vision in my head about what the thing should look like since I started writing “Mortis”, but right now we’re about 80% there, and our Big Chap just keeps looking scarier and weirder every time my email goes “ping”. He’s an extremely visually complex creation. He’d eat “Hellboy’s” Ogdru Jahad for breakfast.

The “Hellboy” writer grins evilly, “But our beastie is…very peculiar. Very singular. He’s a big sucker. Quite terrifying. People will be coming out of the theater with their heads blown off. I pity the poor Roman soldiers who have to go up against this thing with their steel toothpicks…”
Casting wise that is still up in the air, but we may get to see some familiar faces.

“Well, I originally wrote the part of Cassius Virius for Lawrence Fishburne, and we were actually down the road talking to him about it when he got pulled onto “CSI”, and we lost him. But Jim Jacks has broken-in or raised up a lot of good actors and stars over the years — Brendan Fraser and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson spring to mind. And having Jim onboard obviously makes this movie very attractive to a whole other level of actor. So, I’m looking forward to seeing what Jim will bring to us. We’ve spent a long time talking cast lists. Interestingly I ran into Ron Perlman at the “Sons Of Anarchy” wrap party weeks back, and I just happened to have my laptop with me and showed him what we were doing. Obviously, I knew Ron from “Hellboy”, and I mentioned that I’d had a smaller role in “Mortis” — a rough, Roman drill Sergeant who gets to chew the scenery — written with Ron in mind. Ron really responded to the idea, and asked when we were thinking of shooting. It’d be fun having Ron onboard.”

All in all Mortis Rex sounds very cool. However, Briggs’ other project sounds equally interesting.

“Well, I’m racing to the finishing post on a rewrite-polish on “Panzer 88”, which is a screenplay by two American writers, Aaron Mason and Jim Cowan, that I discovered. I really wanted to use “Mortis” to springboard me onto a director slot with the studios…basically allowing me to get my hands on all the projects I’ve been writing for the majors for 19 years, like “Judge Dredd” and “Alien vs Predator”, that then got horribly mangled by others. But when I found this script, I knew I’d be nuts if I didn’t do it, even though it’s a much smaller piece even than “Mortis”. “Panzer” is another supernatural thriller: basically a character piece set in a German King Tiger tank in Russia in World War 2. It’s five guys in a tin can, and something’s trying to stop them making it home. It’s creepy, and smart. I’ll be directing that too. There are a bunch of producers jockeying to get their hands on this right now…I’ve had a few meetings with Gary Kurtz (“Star Wars”, “American Graffiti”, “Dark Crystal”) back in London, and I really like the idea of doing “Panzer” with him. I was surprised by Gary. For a producer with such All-American movies under his belt, he absolutely gets the very dark, European sensibility of the piece. I guess I’m very lucky with my producers right now.”

How do you like them apples? Does Mortis Rex float your boat? Who would you like to see star in it and any ideas what the creature will look like?

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Posters – The Spirit, Inkheart

Posted by LiveFor on September 20, 2008

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Inkheart Trailer

Posted by LiveFor on September 18, 2008

A young girl’s father has the power to bring characters from books to life by reading those books aloud. When a power-hungry villain from a rare children’s fable kidnaps the man, his daughter bands with a group of friends both real and imagined to set things right.


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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – Movie Review

Posted by LiveFor on July 24, 2008

Director: Rob Cohen
Starring: Brendan Fraser, Jet Li, Maria Bello, John Hannah
Running Time: 112 minutes

Score: 6/10

This review from Billy Bob

Surprisingly, “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” isn’t as bad as both its marketing and the long period without an installment suggested.

Despite a seven-year hiatus and the loss of one of its leads, the ‘Mummy’ franchise jumps right back into the action without many problems. It’s willing to change up the story a bit, giving us a new Mummy character and setting as opposed to one featuring that Egyptian guy from the first two, but it also manages to retain all the things about the earlier films that made them popular – that is, a proper mix of action-adventure and a light-hearted tone.

Brendan Fraser is back as Rick O’Connell, the Indiana Jones-inspired hero from the original films, and by this point, he really has his character down. In fact, I think he was much more comfortable here than he was in the original films, maybe because he has improved as an actor over the past seven years, or maybe because he doesn’t try to make his character any more than it should be, and it’s a refreshing thing to see. Returning to the role of Jonathan Carnahan, Rick’s brother-in-law, John Hannah is just as strong a source of humor (and in reality, that’s all that his character is supposed to bring to the table) as he was in the past.

Which leads us to the big third member of the party: Rick’s wife, Evelyn. As you may know, Rachel Weisz was the actor who portrayed her in the old films, but because she was unwilling to make a third film, they had to replace her, something that often has awkward results in movie franchises. However, I must say that Mario Bello truly rose to the occasion, capturing a nearly identical voice to Weisz’s, and playing the part like she isn’t new to it at all. And when we first see her character, a clever joke about feeling ‘like a completely different person’ eases the change. There is nothing about this trio that I could find any real faults in, and this helped make the film very enjoyable.

Another bonus to waiting seven years in between installments in our digital age brings another advantage to the film: much better special effects and action sequences. And believe me: this film definitely capitalizes on this, as both a chase sequence in China early on in the film (sorta reminiscent of the Shangahi sequence in ‘The Temple of Doom’) as well as the final battle at the Great Wall blow away any action sequences you saw in the first two movies. So in terms of action, you’ll definitely get your fair dose of awesome effects. They definitely put that reported $175 million to good use.

Sadly, everything else about this movie doesn’t begin to compare to the returning stars and the action sequences (luckily, these two components make up much of the film). The Mummy in this movie is played by Jet Li, who isn’t at all as cool as one might hope he’d be (he’s basically Jet Li’s usual martial arts master, with some occasional superpowers thrown into the mix). The film crafts his story so similarly to the background story in the first ‘Mummy’ movie that there’s even a point where the dialogue overlaps (‘Nobody is to touch her’). It was disappointingly obvious that his story existed purely to create conflict for the protagonists and to set up some awesome action moments.

But the disappointments don’t end there. Joining Rick, Evelyn, and Jonathan on their quest to stop the Mummy are Rick and Evelyn’s son, Alex (Luke Ford), and an immortal woman named Lin (Isabella Leong) whose job is to protect the contents of the very tomb that Alex inadvertently helped bring back to life. These two characters form a romance along the way, setting up some great moments for both Fraser and Bello as their son’s curious parents. The only problem is that these two lovers are played by some very weak actors, especially Lin. Alex comes across as more of a playboy than an adventurer (which doesn’t make sense when characters comment on how much he reminds them of his father), and every time Lin spoke, my friend and I had a bit of trouble holding back the laughs.

Another problem the film faces is that some of the time, things just don’t make sense. I won’t get into details, but there is a scene where Lin calls upon some yeti-esquire creatures to help them fight the Mummy (who conveniently come in handy later on in ways that she couldn’t have foretold), Lin speaks of giving away her immortality for Alex’s love even though they have known each other for a day or two, and the characters continue to think that simply shooting a mummy with a gun will destroy him, even though past experience has been evidence enough that there’s no use.

So while on one end we have a film bringing back three very enjoyable characters and upgrading the action sequences to fit modern-day standards, we also have a movie with a boring general plot, weak supporting characters, and a few too many ‘WTF’ moments. However, this is mindless summer entertainment, and you ultimately have to forgive such problems to an extent, as long as it delivers on the right levels, which this film does. It’s much better than ‘The Mummy Returns,’ and just as enjoyable as the original. Even though there are a lot of things I would have changed, I can’t say I was expecting it to turn out as well as it did.

Discuss in the forum.

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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Posted by LiveFor on July 19, 2008

I am really looking forward to his. Jet Li, car chases, action, adventure and a big Yeti. Looks a damn site better than the second Mummy film.

Discuss in the forum.

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