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Amy Acker talks Happy Town and Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods

Posted by LiveFor on April 6, 2010

Amy Acker played Fred in Joss Whedon’s Angel and was also in Dollhouse. She was at Wondercon and Sci-Fi Wire spoke with her about Whedon’s horror film, Cabin in the Woods, and a new ABC show called Happy Town.

First up the TV show Happy Town – is making a strong case for being the next TV obsession. Set in Haplin, Minn., the show deals with people who are disappearing in kidnappings that many think are the work of “the Magic Man.” Others say there’s nothing wrong. It premieres April 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

It stars M.C. Gainey, Geoff Stults and Amy Acker and produced by Josh Appelbaum. They all spoke about the show which sounds like a mix of Twin Peaks, Eureka and more.

M.C. Gainey (Tom Friendly in Lost) plays Haplin sheriff Griffin Conroy. “It’s just one of those towns [where] you don’t know what’s going on there, and the people who do know what’s going on, I’m not even sure they’re people,” Gainey said. “I don’t know that I’m at liberty to tell you much more than that, except that this ain’t your average little small town.”

“I go a little crazy,” Gainey said. “I go a little bit crazy. I kick a lot of ass in this later on. You stick around, I get to kick ass and take names. Heavily armed and heavily medicated, I’m out there busting it up.”

“Let me put it this way,” Appelbaum said. “Whether the characters aren’t people, there will be an introduction of some animals into the show that there’s something going on with these animals that the animals might not be what they seem.”

See what I mean about Twin Peaks where the owls were not what they seemed! They hope that the show does scare people.

“We were like, let’s just make our cry from hell,” Appelbaum said. “Particularly ABC, they haven’t had a truly scary show on the air in a while. In fact, I don’t know that any network has put on just a straight-up scary show. We were like, ‘Let’s just come up with what our version of a cry from hell would be.’ We’re also huge Twin Peaks fans, Stephen King fans, so this was sort of our opportunity to hit that genre and have fun with it.”

“There’s not vampires, but you’ve got people disappearing,” Amy Acker said. “You don’t know what’s happening to you. They were saying more illusion than supernatural, but still. I would like to know what the illusions are, because they really look good.”

“This is a small-town show.” Applebaum continued, “There is a simplicity to that, and there’s a mystery in the town. There are several mysteries, but there is a central mystery: Who is the Magic Man? It’s very classic, old-school storytelling. It isn’t about this vast cast of characters or global events. It’s this town, there are these people, there’s a mystery, who’s behind these abductions, what’s going on? So I think it’s very familiar storytelling for an audience, even though we’re trying to do it in an unconventional way.”

Unlike Lost and others shows of that ilk the mystery of the Magic Man will be found out at the end of the first Season.

“Once you answer that question, it opens up a whole other layer of mysteries,” Appelbaum said. “How is that humanly possible? What does that mean? What is that about? What does that mean about all the other people in the town? I think people will be like, ‘Now I’ve got to keep watching to figure out what the repercussions of that will be.’ Plus the fact that in the final episode, one way or the other, the audience is going to find out who the Magic Man is. That doesn’t necessarily mean the other characters on the show will. There’s still going to be the drama of that moving forward, of when is this person going to be found.”

Happy Town stars Geoff Stults as Tommy Conroy, Sam Neill as Merritt Grieves, Lauren German as Henley Boone, Steven Weber as John Haplin, Amy Acker as Rachel Conroy, Sarah Gadon as Georgia Bravin, Robert Wisdom as Roger Hobbs, Jay Paulson as Eli “Root Beer” Rogers and Ben Schnetzer as Andrew Haplin.

Recurring stars include Frances Conroy as Peggy Haplin, Abraham Benrubi as Big Dave Duncan, M.C. Gainey as Sheriff Griffin Conroy, Peter Outerbridge as Handsome Dan, Warren Christie as Greggy Stiviletto and Sophia Ewaniuk as Emma Conroy.

Sounds very cool, so I will give it a watch whenever it shows up here in the UK.

What about Whedon’s mysterious Cabin in the Woods? Acker let slip that it is more than a serial killer type of thing.

“There’s a lot of scary monsters,” Acker said “It’s a scary movie.”

“It does take from the sort of formula of the horror movie of this group of young kids who go away to a cabin in the woods for the weekend, and everything that happens and what you think is supposed to happen.”

The film is currently being converted into 3D but is due out on 14th January 2011.

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Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods pushed back to 2011 so it can be 3Dified

Posted by LiveFor on October 10, 2009

the-cabin-in-the-woods-cutDrew Goddard is directing The Cabin in the Woods, but all people seem to be interested in is that it was co-written by Joss Whedon. That’s no bad thing as a horror movie with a Joss Whedon spin should be good (oh Firefly why were you cancelled), but I do feel a little bad that Drew Goddard is sort of skimmed over. Try and big up Drew if you can.

Anyway Joss’s new movie (doh!)…Drew’s new movie has been moved from 5th February 2010 to 14th January 2011. This has been confirmed by Collider.

The reason for this is not because the film sucks. Oh no. It is because they have decided to turn it 3D. That will take time and they also need space to show it in Cinemas that are 3D equipped – with films like Avatar, A Christmas Carol, Toy Story 3 and more heading our way the 3D screens are pretty much booked up for a while.

Now while I am a big fan of 3D I don’t particularly like it when they shoot a film in 2D and then decide to change it. They are doing the same for Iron Man 2. If it is not shot for 3D then it is not going to be a fully 3D experience – they often have a lack of depth in them.

Still technology marches on as it always does and the decision has been made. Just a pity we have to wait another year to see Cabin in the Woods by the amazingly brilliant Drew Goddard. Apparantly it was co-written by a bloke who has done a bit of TV.

What do you think about 2D films being converted into 3D?

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Let The Right One In remake gets its cast

Posted by LiveFor on October 2, 2009

lettheKodi Smit-McPhee, Chloe Moretz and Oscar®-nominee Richard Jenkins will headline the cast of Let Me In, Matt Reeves’ adaptation of Let the Right One In, when principal photography begins this fall in New Mexico. The announcement was made today by Hammer Films Co-CEO’s Simon Oakes and Nigel Sinclair, as well as Overture Films CEO Chris McGurk and COO Danny Rosett.

Director Reeves (Cloverfield) has cast Smit-McPhee (The Road) and Moretz (500 Days of Summer) in the two lead adolescent roles of Owen and Abby for the eagerly awaited horror feature. Jenkins will play the lead adult character known as Hakan in the original film.

Based on the bestselling Swedish novel, Lat den Ratte Komma In, by Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist, Let Me In is a contemporary vampire tale about a young boy who befriends a girl new to his neighborhood. The film is a remake of the highly acclaimed Swedish film, Lat den Ratte Komma In, also known as, Let the Right One In.

Hammer acquired the remake rights to Let the Right One In at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival where the film took home the Founders Award® for Best Narrative Feature, and has fast-tracked the film for a November 2009 start date. The film is a Hammer Films production with a projected 2010 release in the U.S. by Overture Films. Exclusive Film Distribution is handling worldwide sales and distribution of the film.

Producing the film are Hammer’s Simon Oakes, Guy East and Nigel Sinclair and Oscar®-winner Donna Gigliotti. Hammer’s Alex Brunner and Tobin Armbrust will executive produce along with John Ptak, Philip Elway and Fredrik Malmberg. Overture’s Robert Kessel, EVP Production & Acquisitions, will oversee production for the studio. Swedish producers John Nordling and Carl Molinder, who produced the original film, are also involved as producers on this remake.

The Australian-born Smit-McPhee, 13, stars alongside Viggo Mortensen in The Road, a film festival favorite due out in November. He previously earned the AFI Young Actor’s Award® in 2007 for his role in Romulus, My Father.

Moretz, 12, will star in the much –talked-about Kick-Ass next spring and previously appeared in (500) Days of Summer and The Amityville Horror. She has been nominated each of the past three years for a Young Artist Award®.

Jenkins first worked with Overture on The Visitor, for which he earned a Best Actor Oscar® nomination last year. His recent work includes Burn After Reading, Step Brothers and television’s “Six Feet Under.” He is due to star in several upcoming projects including the much-anticipated The Cabin in the Woods, Dear John and Eat, Pray, Love.

It was announced last year that Reeves will write and direct Let Me In. In addition to the box office hit Cloverfield, Reeves’ directing credits include the comedy The Pallbearer, starring David Schwimmer and Gwyneth Paltrow, and the hit television show “Felicity,” starring Keri Russell, which he co-created and executive produced along with partner J.J. Abrams.

“Kodi, Chloe, and Richard are my absolute dream cast,” says Reeves. “I couldn’t be more excited to be working with them.”

Let Me In is the first film in a two-picture co-production, financing and distribution agreement between Overture Films and Exclusive Media Group, the parent company of Hammer Films and Spitfire Pictures.

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Cabin in the Woods – Funny posters for Joss Whedon’s new horror film

Posted by LiveFor on July 24, 2009

Source: Ugo


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Captain Kirk’s Dad is Thor

Posted by LiveFor on May 17, 2009

Chris Hemsworth, who played George Kirk in the opening of J J Abrams Star Trek has been cast as Thor in Kenneth Branagh’s big screen adaptation of Marvel’s comic. That means he will also be playing the Thunder God in the Summer 2012 film The Avengers.

Nikki Finke reports that Marvel and Branagh made the final decision earlier today after reviewing Hemsworth’s test footage. Chris is currently in production on the Joss Whedon-written Drew Goddard-directed horror film The Cabin in the Woods. The Australian actor (who used to star in Home and Away) was also just cast as the lead role in MGM’s Red Dawn remake last week.

Written by Mark Protosevich, Thor has been described as being “like a superhero origin story, but not one about a human gaining super powers, but of a god realizing his true potential. It’s the story of an Old Testament god who becomes a New Testament god”.

Marvel has announced a release date of 17th June 2011 for the film.

I thought Hemsworth was great in the Trek movie, so I’m happy with the casting. The other plus is that he is not a huge name or familiar face yet so it will be easier to buy into him as Thor.

How do you feel about the casting?

Discuss in the forum


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Cabin in the Woods – Joss Whedon tells us things about it but the things may not be true.

Posted by LiveFor on January 27, 2009

There’s a cool article by Todd Brown over on AMC that talks about Joss Whedon’s latest film project, Cabin in the Woods. It is a great example of how to use rumours and the internet to spread the word on a film…and by writing this I am helping it go further.

It’s co-written and produced by Whedon, with writer and director Drew Goddard (Cloverfield, Lost).

Word of their project first surfaced in July with little more than an
announcement that it was happening and that Whedon and Goddard were both
involved. The duo wouldn’t even reveal the plot — Goddard teased in
interview with MTV
, “It’s got a harder and darker edge, but it’s
also got classic Whedon qualities. It’ll rip your heart out and be heartfelt at
the same time.” MGM exec Mary Parent who greenlit the movie
The Hollywood Reporter
, “I’ll be shot [if I say anything] … It’s
an intense visceral thrill ride and I’ll leave it at that.” Whedon’s only
comment was “it’s the horror movie to end all horror movies… literally,” a
quote that still has fans buzzing over at fan site
Whedonesque: “I’m curious
about what is implied by the description … Many people misuse ‘literally’ so
that it means nothing in particular. But Joss uses language carefully. That
‘literally’ suggests some sort of interesting deconstruction of the genre.”

So who would be the face of the film? Would you believe the dead father
from Six Feet Under (Richard Jenkins) and cabinet member from The West Wing
(Bradley Whitford)? “It’s really just your basic typecasting,”
, “when you need two actors to run through the woods in
low-cut nighties, you immediately think of Richard Jenkins and Bradley

On January 24, based on information culled from inside-the-industry
casting calls and databases, the
NewYork Times announced the addition of Bill Nighy and Jena Malone to the cast while also giving the following synopsis: “A group of five college kids are tricked into spending a weekend at a cabin where they will be sacrificed to appease the Gods and save the world.”

In retrospect, a cast of middle-aged men in a film supposedly about
‘five college kids’ should have tipped people off that something weird was going
on, but it didn’t. Instead, fans fixated on what was meant by “Gods”? Could this
be some sort of Lovecraft reference? But then along came Whedon himself to
happily mess with people’s heads. Over on fan board
Whedonesque, the
man himself turned up a few hours after this “news” broke to say, “This is
misinformation. While we are fans of both those actors, neither is attached to
the movie. Just FYI. However, they ARE attached to the Serenity sequel.” No,
there isn’t going to be a sequel to Serenity. But what’s up with the fake info?
Whedon elaborated a little later: “Also, they got the plot wrong. In order
to protect the story from spoilerization, we’ve been sending out our OWN
misinformation, including fake sides for the actors, fake summaries, different
names… So there’s gonna be a lot of ‘information’ leaked that will lead to
excited speculation about things you will not see. Sorry. But here’s some stuff
you CAN look forward to, my word on it: 1) A person will have an emotion. 2) Two
people speaking, or “dialogue”, may occur. 3) A bunch of different people will
play the part of Bob Dylan. Hope that clears everything up. More updates

And here is the genius of Joss: Rather than fight the flow of information, he has corrupted the sources, throwing anything anybody says about this film from now until release into question. And everybody who ran the fake Times casting announcement and synopsis is now going to have to run a retraction: Whedon just got two headlines for the price of one.

Sounds rather interesting doesn’t it, even though everything we have currently heard about it may not be true and it may end up being something totally different. Therefore, anything else I write about it may or may not be true…my head hurts.

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