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After.Life – Trailer for Liam Neeson, Christina Ricci death film

Posted by LiveFor on March 4, 2010

Finally a trailer Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo’s upcoming thriller After.Life, which stars Liam Neeson, Christina Ricci and Justin Long. Pity about the dreadful poster.

After a horrific car accident, Anna (Christina Ricci) wakes up to find the local funeral director Eliot Deacon (Liam Neeson) preparing her body for her funeral. Confused, terrified and feeling still very much alive, Anna doesn’t believe she’s dead, despite the funeral director’s reassurances that she is merely in transition to the afterlife. Eliot convinces her he has the ability to communicate with the dead and is the only one who can help her. Trapped inside the funeral home, with nobody to turn to except Eliot, Anna is forced to face her deepest fears and accept her own death. But Anna’s grief—stricken boyfriend Paul (Justin Long) still can’t shake the nagging suspicion that Eliot isn’t what he appears to be. As the funeral nears, Paul gets closer to unlocking the disturbing truth, but it could be too late; Anna may have already begun to cross over the other side. With an unrelenting edge of menace, is a stylish psychological thriller which provocatively questions the line between life and death.

Read more: After.Life Movie Trailer | /Film

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After.Life – Poster for Christina Ricci and Liam Neeson film

Posted by LiveFor on November 13, 2009

after_lifeA young woman caught between life and death… and a funeral director who appears to have the gift of transitioning the dead, but might just be intent on burying her alive

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Don Johnson loves the Porn

Posted by LiveFor on April 29, 2009

Don Johnson will play a mustached porn director in the comedy Born to Be a Star for Sony Pictures and Happy Madison says The Hollywood Reporter.

Nick Swardson is starring as a small-town nerd who learns his quiet and demure parents were famous porn stars in the 1970s. This motivates him to leave northern Iowa for Hollywood, hoping to follow in their footsteps and fulfill his destiny as the biggest adult-film star in the world.

Johnson plays a down-on-his-luck director who discovers Swardson and gives him a shot. Christina Ricci stars as Swardson’s innocent girlfriend and Stephen Dorff as adult film star Dick Shadow.

Tom Brady is directing from a script co-written by Adam Sandler and Swardson. Sandler and Jack Giarraputo will produce.

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After.Life – Christina Ricci and Liam Neeson to star

Posted by LiveFor on October 17, 2008

Liam Neeson and Christina Ricci have signed up for After.Life. The story of a woman who is fighting between life and death to try and avoid being buried alive, and she’s doing the fighting from the after life while the funeral director controls her fate.

It is written and directed byAgnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo and Variety have news that Neeson and Ricci have been cast (it was going to be Alfred Molina and Kate Bosworth).

The idea for the film does sound rather interesting (almost like something Tim Burton would do) and the actors cast are pretty cool. What do you think?

Source: Filmstalker


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