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Bruce Lee’s Silent Flute to be moviefied

Posted by LiveFor on April 16, 2010

What can be said about Bruce Lee that hasn’t already been said? Probably lots, but I’m too tired to think of anything so fill that bit in, chuckle, then move on.

Before his death in 1973 (year of my birth…coincedence? Am I the reincarnation of Lee? No) Bruce had written a treatment for a martial arts film called The Silent Flute.

Now Paul Maslansky is developing the treatment into a feature. Maslansky has previously worked on Return to Oz and Police Academy so take that how you wish.

According to Variety, Maslansky produced an earlier version of the movie in 1978 called Circle of Iron with the late Sandy Howard. This version had quite a cast and centered on a martial artist rebel (Jeff Cooper) on a quest for the “Book of Enlightenment” and the various trials that educate him in Zen philosophy. Bruce Lee had written a part for himself as a reluctant mentor, which was played in the film by David Carradine; Christopher Lee, Roddy McDowall and Eli Wallach also appeared.

Maslansky’s son, Sasha Maslansky, is writing the new screenplay based on Lee’s original treatment. Bey Logan, Sasha Maslansky and Kurt Fethke will serve as producers, with David Tadman and Steve Kerridge also attached to the project as co-producers.

“‘The Silent Flute’ will be an epic martial arts adventure film that promises to honor Bruce Lee’s original artistic and philosophical conception,” said Paul Maslansky, who is exec producing. “It also promises to reach new levels of action and adventure never before seen in martial arts filmmaking.”

What do you reckon? Martial arts magic or direct to DVD? Who should star?

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The Resident – Bootleg trailer for Hammer Film’s new one

Posted by LiveFor on April 11, 2010

Every year, three million single women in America move into an apartment for the first time. They do not know who lived in the apartment before them, they do not know their landlords, and they don’t bother to change the locks. This is the story of one such woman.

After separating from her husband, pretty young doctor Juliet Dermer moves to Brooklyn, settling into a new life in a stunning and spacious loft apartment that seems too good to be true.

It is.

Mysterious occurrences lead her to suspect that she is not alone in her home and quickly her fears become all too real. In a chilling revelation, she discovers that her seemingly charming, young landlord, Max, has developed a dangerous obsession with her. A terrifying game of cat and mouse ensues as Juliet fights to free herself from Max’s sinister intentions.

Directed by Antti J. Jokinen and starring Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen, The Losers) and Christopher Lee.

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The Heavy – Trailer for Vinnie Jones and Stephen Rea film

Posted by LiveFor on March 26, 2010

Sibling rivalry turned into betrayal between two brothers. One a prime candidate for Prime Minister, the other a henchman for a successful, yet shady businessman. Presented with an opportunity to take revenge against his brother, our anti-hero must come to terms with the truth in a world where you can trust no one and loyalty is rare.

Starring Gary Stretch, Vinnie Jones, Stephen Rea, Shannyn Sossamon, Sir Christopher Lee, Sadie Frost and Lee Ryan (yes the one from Blue).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Call me Ish

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Burke and Hare – First look at Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis as grave robbers

Posted by LiveFor on February 25, 2010

They’ve started filming Burke and Hare up in Edinburgh, Scotland. Directed by John Landis it stars Starring Pegg, Serkis, Isla Fisher, Jessica Hynes, Tom Wilkinson, Hugh Bonneville, Tim Curry and Sir Christopher Lee.

This is out first glimpse of what the characters look like.

The real-life Burke and Hare, who hailed from Ireland, were responsible for the deaths of at least 17 people from 1827 until 1828. After murdering their victims, the pair then went on to sell the bodies to Dr Robert Knox, who dissected them in his anatomy classes at Barclay’s anatomy school in Surgeon’s Square.

Looking good so far. Keep checking back as we may have some words from Mr Pegg before too long.

Source: Collider

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Watchmen of Hellgate – Billy Zane, Christopher Lee, Warwick Davies, Tom Savini and Sylvester McCoy to fight Nazis!

Posted by LiveFor on February 19, 2010

This sounds like it could be absolutely incredible. Great concept and superb genre style cast. It’s got the main man Billy Zane and Sir Christopher Lee in it.

Quiet Earth have lots more concept art and my son thinks it looks like the end of the World or the start of a new one. I must agree with them with the whole Watchmen meets League of Extraordinary Gentlement vibe, but that’s a great vibe to have (mind you the poster even uses the silhouette’s of Silk Spectre and Rorschach)

WATCHMEN OF HELLGATE shows the aftermath of a world in which Hitler won the war. The year is 2084, the place is London and a new big brother is watching. This is a totalitarian world where the Nazi Party rules. The new chancellor is guided by Hitler, who lives on as a computer program after his thoughts and ideas were downloaded.

A vigilante resistance unit called the Watchmen were born to subvert the state, lead by five common man heroes. From their secret hideout in the Hellgate Hotel, they orchestrate mayhem until their leader is captured. Then, they must enlist the help of Captain Nemo and the Nautilus in order to burrow underground in an attempt to rescue their Watchman leader.

It currently has Christopher Lee, Billy Zane, Jeff Fahey (Lost, Grindhouse), Warwick Davies (Willow, Return of the Jedi), Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead, Machete) and Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who).

Richard Driscoll is the man behind it all and it will apparantly be in 3D.

How do you like the sound of that?

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Burke and Hare – John Landis’ new film gets a Ronnie, a Gentleman, a sweet Transylvanian Transvestite and Sir Christopher Lee

Posted by LiveFor on February 5, 2010

The cast for John Landis’ new film, Burker and Hare, has gone huge. Joining Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis, as graverobbers William Burke and William Hare, are Isla Fisher (Confessions of a Shopaholic, Wedding Crashers), Jessica Hynes (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead), Tom Wilkinson (Batman Begins), Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, It, Legend), Ronnie Corbett (one of The Two Ronnies – British comedy legend), Reece Shearsmith (The League of Gentlemen, Psychoville, The Cottage), David Schofield, Allan Corduner, Bill Bailey (great stand up comedian), Hugh Bonneville, Michael Smiley and Sir Christopher Lee (star of so many films).

Landis describes the film as a “black romantic comedy” in spite of its story which is a comedic take on the true story of the 1828 Edinburgh body-snatchers Burke and Hare. These two Irish entrepreneurs discover that a dead body can fetch a hefty price when the demands of the leading medical professors Dr. Knox (Tom Wilkinson) and Dr. Monroe (Tim Curry) reach beyond that of the local supply.

With a cast like this it should be a great film. A great mix of horror and comedy icons. Shooting has already begun according to STYD.

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Christopher Lee and The Comedian – First photo from new Hammer film, The Resident

Posted by LiveFor on October 29, 2009


A brand new film from Hammer Films and it stars Christopher Lee – first time they’ve worked together since 1976.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen, Supernatural) plays a bit of a psycho stalker in this one and Lee plays his Grandfather.

The Resident finds Hilary Swank playing a doctor who moves into a new tenement only to be stalked by her landlord (Morgan).

Source: STYD

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Doctor Terror’s House of Horrors, 1965 – Movie Review – 31 Days of Horror

Posted by LiveFor on October 17, 2009

dr terrors house of horrors 08Director: Freddie Francis
Starring: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Donald Sutherland, Roy Castle, Alan Freeman, Max Adrian, Michael Gough, Jennifer Jayne, Neil McCallum, Ann Bell, Kenny Lynch

This great review by Alan – all part of my 31 Days of Horror.

Send me your horror film reviews.

One of Amicus’ “portmanteau” films Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors takes the form of five strangers finding themselves sharing a train carriage with the titular Doc (played fantastically by Peter Cushing) who proceeds to use his Tarot deck to tell tales of woe, soon to befall each of the five men.

First up is Jim Dawson, an architect sent to a rich widow’s house in the Hebrides, to make structural changes i.e. she wants a wall knocked down to make one big room. So far, so Location, Location, Location – but all is not as it seems… You may think you are being subtly pointed in a lycanthropic direction by the mists, moon shots and occasional howling. But subtlety is smashed, as swiftly as the offending wall, when Jim is told by creepy caretaker Caleb that he has “unearthed the coffin of Cosmo Valdemar… THE WEREWOLF!” This is probably the most accomplished of the five tales, and the one that could most easily have been a full feature. It’s atmospheric, creepy, features a nice little twist and best of all: a polite werewolf, who knocks before entering a room.

Next to tap the doc’s deck three times is Bill Rogers. He returns home from a family holiday, to find a sinister plant has sprung up in his front garden. When it resists a spot of pruning by screaming, then knocking his shears out of his hand – Bill decides it’s best to go straight to the MOD. Here we meet two botanists: one is nothing but (carnivorous) plant food, the other is played by Bernard Lee (Connery and Moore’s “M”) who turns out to be a pipe smoking, flaming newspaper wielding badass. There then follows some stealthy plant kills and fantastic faux science – Bernard Lee places a leaf of the evil plant under his microscope and declares “A brain! I was right!” This is another great little story with some fantastic lines and leaps of logic.

Third is record breaking Roy Castle *trumpet solo*. He plays musician Biff Bailey in a Voodoo-jazz-tastic tale of the perils of copyright infringement. Biff and his band travel to Tahiti for a gig, and while there he copies down the music of a secret voodoo ritual. Even though the High Priest warns him against bootlegging “the sacred music of the great god Dambellah”, Biff returns home and drops his black magic beats in a swinging London nightspot. Cue… well not very much at all really. A sinister wind blows all the club’s tablecloths onto the floor and everyone concerned acts as if the disco has been decimated. Biff is then tormented by mysterious match needing strangers, bins that appear from nowhere and a fourth wall breaking “Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors” (Certificate X) poster. Even though it is by far the weakest section, “Voodoo” is charming and amusing – from Roy Castle’s Prince Phillip-ian remarks to the ridiculously un-terrifying curse’s consequences.

Christopher Lee’s malicious art-critic (Franklin Marsh) makes the mistake of slamming artist Eric Landor’s efforts and is punished by being tricked into giving an enthusiastic review of a chimpanzee’s painting (I’m not making this up). Marsh responds by running Landor over and, as a result of his injuries, Landor loses his hand. Evidently he is not ambidextrous, as he promptly shoots himself and his disembodied hand sets out to wreak revenge. This is perhaps the nastiest segment, Lee is fantastically vitriolic and the hand effects still hold up surprising well.

Finally, Donald Sutherland plays Bob Carroll who brings home a new wife who seems to have a predilection for the red stuff. When his new Bride hungrily sucks the blood from his nicked pinkie, then turns into a bat and flies out the bedroom window and a local boy starts suffering from acute anaemia, Bob and a fellow Doctor put two and two together and start whittling. Though the bat effect is pretty poor and comes across as a demonic seagull, there’s plenty to enjoy here. The performances are nicely restrained and there’s a killer last line.

Yes, I’ve poked fun at it, but I dearly love Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors. It features some excellent actors (and Roy Castle). It moves along at a swift pace and if you’re not getting much from one of the tales – it’ll make way for another shortly. The range of stories covers lots of bases – you don’t get vampires, werewolves, triffids, voodoo AND avenging hands in one film very often. Plus, it’s British and they even kill the dog!

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UPDATED: Wicker Man 2 – Holy Cowboys for Christ! Ewar WooWar indeed.

Posted by LiveFor on June 22, 2009

Edward Speleers (Eragon) has joined the cast of Cowboys for Christ, the follow-up to the original 70’s cult classic The Wicker Man, according to the actor’s official blog.

I had no idea there was a sequel in development. Not sure if it is a good idea, but at least it is not a sequel of the Nic Cage remake from a few years ago.

Speleers and Morgan James star as two Texans who plan to spread Christianity in Tressock, Scotland but are unaware that they’re in grave danger from the Celtic pagan community in the village.

Original ‘Wicker’ star, the recently knighted Sir Christopher Lee, is also onboard. Principal photography is scheduled to start in July in Scotland under the helm of Robin Hardy.

How do you feel about a sequel to Wicker Man? Will there be a similar character to that portrayed by Britt Eckland – if so who could play that part? Will it end the same way?

UPDATE: Digging a little deeper, the film is based on a book by Robin Hardy and it also stars Joan Collins according to IMDB. The plot starts off like this:

Beth (Morgan James) is a successful pop music singer and a devout Protestant Christian from Texas, USA. She and her boyfriend Steve (Ed Speleers) both belong to a group known as the “cowboys for Christ”, who travel to “heathen areas” of the world to preach Christianity. They travel to Glasgow, Scotland, hoping to save some souls once there. However, they are shocked when they receive a very negative reception, Beth even being set upon by a large dog.

After performing a concert at a local cathedral, the duo are approached by Lord Lachlan (Christopher Lee) and his wife Delia, aristocrats from the small village of Tressock in the Scottish lowlands. They invite Beth and Steve to come back with them to Tressock in order to preach.

Meanwhile, detective Orlando is sent to Tressock, posing as the local police officer, in order to secretly investigate reports of a pagan cult.

Discuss in the forum or leave a comment below.


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Alan Rickman talks about Alice in Wonderland

Posted by LiveFor on March 22, 2009

This is a radio interview where Alan Rickman discuss Tim Burton’s upcoming film ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Rickman is playing the Caterpiller in the mix of CGI and real life.

The film also stars Mia Wasikowska as Alice, Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter, Anne Hathaway as The White Queen, Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen, Michael Sheen as the White Rabbit, Crispin Glover as The Knave of Hearts, Stephen Fry as The Cheshire Cat, Christopher Lee, Timothy Spall as The Bloodhound, Eleanor Tomlinson as Fiona Chataway, Noah Taylor, and Matt Lucas as Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Thanks to Pam for sending me the link.

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