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True Romance – Cool Art Print

Posted by LiveFor on April 21, 2010

If you are a long time reader of the site you will know I like a nice bit of film related art and here is a lovely piece by Derek Gabryszak.

‘You’re so cool!’ is the first of three postershe is doing for his True Romance series.

Here is some more info from Derek:

The prints are 14”x17” on Canson fine art paper. I (silk screen) printed the three colors of the design by hand. ‘You’re so cool!’ has an edition of 45, and is being sold on my site for $25. Because the screen printing process is so involved, I’m hoping for success with the first print before I print the two remaining designs.

Head on over quick as I don’t think they’ll be around for long.

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Cool Christopher Walken Impression

Posted by LiveFor on March 23, 2010

Christopher Walken has recently been back in stage in a play called A Behanding in Spokane.

It’s been going down well and even if it wasn’t it would still be worth catching it to see Walken acting live and in person.

Looks like they had a competition for people to post their impressions of Walken from the play – I’m still working on mine – and here are a few. I think the gorilla one is the best. Some of them are a bit poor.

This next one is more like Al Pacino doing Walken

The man himself

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The Irishman – Poster for new gangster flick

Posted by LiveFor on November 23, 2009

An orphan from the tough streets of Cleveland, Irish Danny Greene (Ray Stevenson) rises from working longshoreman to union leader to mob ally. Forced out of the union by the feds, Danny starts anew as an enforcer for loan shark Shondor Bims (Christopher Walken), while still maintaining influence with mafia boss John Nardi (Vincent D’Onofrio).

With Detective Joe Manditski (Val Kilmer) in pursuit, Danny rapidly acquires his own power and places himself at odds with the Italians, who find him to be a very difficult man to kill. What follows is a bloody war that breaks out on the streets of Cleveland and gives it the name “Bomb City, U.S.A.”

Based on a true story, The Irishman is the saga of one man who embodied the Irish warrior mentality with a mixture of pride, brutality, ambition, and principle, as became a central figure in the 70s mob war that forever changed organized crime in America.

Directed by Jonathan Hensleigh (The Punisher, 2004)

Source: Collider

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Christopher Walken performs Lady Gaga’s Poker Face

Posted by LiveFor on November 3, 2009

This was from the Jonathan Ross show. Christopher Walken is awesome as always.

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Christopher Walken portrait drawn in black biro

Posted by LiveFor on October 4, 2009

How amazing is this. Drawn by comic book artist Jesse Starr. It was created in approximately 30 hours with no errors using nothing but black Bic ballpoint pens.
It is currently for sale on ebay. Unfortunately I don’t have a spare $2000.

Source: Geekologie

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The Maiden Heist Trailer – Trailer – Macy, Freeman and Walken

Posted by LiveFor on August 18, 2009

The Maiden Heist is a crime comedy about three museum security guards who devise a plan to steal back artwork to which they have become attached after they are transferred to another museum. It stars Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, and William H. Macy, as well as Marcia Gay Harden.

It’s directed by Peter Hewitt who directed Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, Thunderpants and Garfield!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Legion – The end of days in the style of a war movie?

Posted by LiveFor on May 28, 2009

Legion is the supernatural thriller starring Paul Bettany as the archangel Michael, who is all that stands between mankind and an apocalypse after God has lost faith in humanity. But the Almighty apparently hasn’t lost all hope — a child is on the way who is the second coming of Christ, and a group of strangers who recognize the fact must band together to save it.

I mentioned it back in March.

Now Quiet Earth have some more news on the style of the film and a detailed synopsis.

The films director Scott Stewart said “I conceived LEGION more as a comic book action movie than a straight horror film. Despite the obvious horror elements, my primary influence when writing it was less DAWN OF THE DEAD or 28 DAYS LATER, and more the original TERMINATOR with its blend of intense action and inventive mythology.

Stylistically, I intend to ground the fantastic nature of the story in a gritty and realistic visual style. I want the audience to feel like they’ve been dropped right in the middle of the action, so they, like the characters in the film, experience the terror and chaos in a very direct and visceral way. In that regard, the best visual comparison to LEGION are not other horror films but contemporary war films like PLATOON and SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.”

That sounds very cool and a great way to go in making this stand out from the supernatural crowd.

Now for the synopsis:

Without warning, on the night of December 23rd, the prisoners inside a Los Angeles jail go berserk, tearing each other apart. Only one is left standing: MIKE (Paul Bettany) . Meanwhile, in the tiny Mojave desert town of Paradise Falls, JEEP HANSEN (Lucas Black going back to his American Gothic roots) awakens from yet another fever dream and begins to draw. His walls are covered with nightmarish visions of fantastic creatures and heroes, including demon lord BELIAL and a mysterious figure… who looks an awful lot like MIKE.

Later that day while Jeep is working on a car the sky darkens. a mysterious black car arrives and the elderly GLADYS emerges. Inside the diner, BOB (Dennis Quaid), pregnant actress CHARLIE (Adrianne Palicki), the LYMANS, cook PERCY (Charles S. Dutton), and suspicious patron KYLE (Tyrese Gibson) watch Gladys eat a rare and bloody steak. Gladys then revels herself to be a hideous creature and attacks Howard and Bob. Kyle kills her with his .45. The diner is surrounded by thousands of flies, the power goes out and the group is trapped inside.

Mike arrives in a police car and distributes weapons to the group. He reveals that they are witnessing the first signs of a war between humans and a horde of the devil’s minions. The demon-creatures converge on the diner and attack. The group fights back. While awaiting the next onslaught, Jeep finds a transmission on the radio explaining that all of human kind is under siege by demons. Apparently Las Vegas is the only haven left. Amidst the chaos, Charlie’s water suddenly breaks and Audrey helps her deliver a baby boy.

Legion is set to star Dennis Quaid, Paul Bettany, Tyrese Gibson, Kate Walsh, Kevin Durand and Lucas Black.

I really like the sound of this. The story and, more importantly, the style tick all the right boxes for me. Paul Bettany as an archangel will be good and it puts me in mind of a bigger budgeted Prophecy – now it would be good if Christopher Walken had a cameo in this one.

Do you like the sound of this film? What do you want to see in it?

Discuss in the forum or leave a comment below.


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POLL: Which is your favourite Christopher Walken film role

Posted by LiveFor on March 31, 2009

Don’t vote on the film. Pick the actual performance of Christopher Walken that you enjoyed the most. He’s been in a load of films so I couldn’t include them all, however if there is one you want to vote for that isn’t on then you should be able to add it.

If not then let me know in the comments and I’ll get it added.

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Christopher Walken is 66 today

Posted by LiveFor on March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr Walken.

In honour of the fact here is his classic scene from Pulp Fiction, followed by his telling of The Three Little Pigs on the Jonathan Ross show.

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Classic Scene: The Prophecy – Lucifer

Posted by LiveFor on March 31, 2009

Christopher Walken was brilliant as the Angel Gabriel, but I really enjoyed Viggo Mortensen as Lucifer.

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