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The Big Lebowski – The porn version

Posted by LiveFor on April 12, 2010

The Dude abides and now one of my favourite films has gone the way of porn.

The Big Lebowski – A XXX Parody is exactly what you would expect it to be, but the surprising thing is just how faithful the creators have been to the original Coen brothers film. Of course there is only the trailer to go on, but have a watch. It is all safe to view.

Tom Byron plays The Dude (Jeff Bridges in the original), James Deen plays Jesus Quintana.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

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Star Wars – Who the Coens would cast if they made it. Abides the Dude does

Posted by LiveFor on March 14, 2010

If you ever wondered who from the Coen Brothers universe could play the characters from Star Wars then wonder no more.

Angel Diaz and her friends had a think and put this poster together.

Click on the image to biggerize it.

Source: /Film

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The Coen’s True Grit to get Christmas release

Posted by LiveFor on January 20, 2010

Paramount Pictures has scheduled Joel and Ethan Coen’s remake of True Grit for a Christmas Day 2010 release.

Based on Charles Portis’ novel, the story follows a 14-year-old girl who, along with an aging U.S. marshal (Jeff Bridges) and another lawman (Matt Damon), tracks her father’s killer in hostile Indian territory. Josh Brolin also stars.

Still no word on who will be playing the main character of the girl, Mattie. Open casting was mentioned a while back, but still no word on how that is going.

The positioning sets the film squarely up for a high-profile awards run and the Christmas Day holiday box-office.

Really looking forward to seeing The Dude go cowboy in this one.

Source: Dark Horizons

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The Big Lebowski – The Dude Man Version

Posted by LiveFor on December 19, 2009

Pretty much every utterance of Dude and Man in the Coen’s excellent film.

Mike over at DVDSnapshot that was for you!

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The Coens True Grit is casting the female lead

Posted by LiveFor on December 19, 2009

The Coen Brothers adaption of the novel, True Grit, already has Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and Josh Brolin involved. Not a bad cast for a Western. However, they’ve now opened casting for the female lead over on

Here’s the character description:

Fourteen year old Mattie is a simple, tough as nails, young woman in post-Civil War Arkansas. Her unusually steel nerves and straightforward manner are often surprising to those she meets. She possessed plenty of true grit and determination. Enough so that she insists on going with 2 marshals to hunt down the killer of her father. We are looking for a girl who’s tough, strong, and tells it like it is. Must be able to portray Caucasian.

To audition, you can attend an open call or tape yourself. If you apply or know anyone who does let me know.

Source: Collider

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Josh Brolin in Men in Black 3?

Posted by LiveFor on December 9, 2009

Josh Brolin has been going from strength to strength lately. From The Goonies to W., Milk, No Country for Old Men and the forthcoming Jonah Hex he is definitely, like Hanzel, so hot right now. He was also cool in Planet Terror and is also working on Wall Street 2 and has signed up for the Coen Brothers True Grit remake.

News today from Hero Complex suggests he is being considered for a role in Men in Black 3 where he would be donning the suit and shades with Will Smith likely to return as Agent J.

The question is what role would Brolin be playing? Will Tommy Lee Jones be passing the title of Agent K to him or will Brolin be playing a younger version of Agent K? Maybe the plot will involve time travel shenanigans. Maybe Brolin will be the big bad of the piece.

Sony is currently contemplating a production start for the picture in 2010 (though it has yet to be greenlit). The film, which is based on a script by “Tropic Thunder” writer Ethan Cohen and which tentatively has Barry Sonnenfeld coming back to direct, could shoot at least partly in New York.

It all sounds like it could be very, very cool. I thought the first film was great. Funny, good action and nice chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. However, cast your mind back to Men in Black 2. That wasn’t so hot now was it and I felt it kind of killed the series.

Still, third time’s the charm and if they get a cracking story it could work. It would be nice if Tommy Lee Jones was also in it for that No Country for Old Men team up again. Would be nice to see Brolin and Jones actually share some screen time together.

What are your thoughts on Brolin fighting the scum of the universe? Do you want a Men in Black 3? How can they improve on the second film?

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Raising 2012 – Raising Arizona improves everything

Posted by LiveFor on November 5, 2009

This is without doubt one of the best mashups I have seen and really lifts 2012.

I must watch Raising Arizona again.

Source: Film Drunk

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Matt Damon and Josh Brolin have True Grit with the Coens

Posted by LiveFor on October 27, 2009

truegritMatt Damon is in discussions to star in Ethan and Joel Coen’s remake of True Grit. Josh Brolin, who starred in the brothers’ No Country for Old Men and is starring in the comic book Western Jonah Hex, is also in talks for a major role according to THR.

Paramount Pictures and the Oscar-winning writer-director team are moving fast on their re-adaptation of the Charles Portis novel, first reaching out to Jeff Bridges, and now Damon and Brolin, to potentially star. Damon would take on the Glen Campbell role of a Texas Ranger tracking an outlaw along with a gruff U.S. marshal originally played by John Wayne, who won an Oscar for his role in the 1969 Western.

All three actors are in discussions with the studio, which hopes to move into production in the spring. The story concerns a 14-year-old girl traveling into dangerous territory with the two lawmen in search of the man who murdered her father, who Brolin would play.

Some nice casting in this one so far. Could be one of the Coen Brothers great ones.

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The Dude saddles up with the Coen Brothers for True Grit

Posted by LiveFor on September 11, 2009

dudeJeff Bridges is in discussions with Paramount to star in Joel and Ethan Coen’s redo of True Grit. Bridges would play the role that won John Wayne an Oscar for the 1969 original according to Variety.

Bridges last worked with the Coens when he turned in a heralded performance as Jeffrey “the Dude” Lebowski in one of my all time favourite films, The Big Lebowski.

The picture, which also reunites the Coens with their “No Country for Old Men” producing partner Scott Rudin, has been redrafted by the brothers to be more faithful to the Charles Portis novel on which the original film was based.

The story centers on a 14-year-old girl who tags along with an aging U.S. marshal, Rooster Cogburn, and another lawman to track the outlaw who killed her father. The original told the story from Cogburn’s point of view, but the new version will work from the viewpoint of the girl.

If the Coen brothers bring the magic they captured in No Country for Old Men to this true Western then it should look amazing. Plus Jeff Bridges is always brilliant and I cannot wait to see the on set photos he takes with his Widelux camera (check out the ones he did during the Iron Man shoot).

The Coens premiere “A Serious Man” at the Toronto Film Festival. Bridges most recently starred in “The Men Who Stare at Goats” and reprised in “Tron Legacy.”

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A Serious Man Interview – Ethan and Joel Coen

Posted by LiveFor on September 9, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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